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Digital Humanities activities take place all across the Humanities Division, IT Services, The Oxford e-Research Centre, the Oxford Internet Institute, the Bodleian Libraries, the Museums and colleges. Click on the list on the right to view People and Projects in each Division of the University, or browse the full list of People and Projects in our database below.

Projects (249)
GPBCP: Gazetteer of Papyri in British Collections Classics Faculty Alan Bowman
Great Writers IT Services Peter Robinson
Griffith Institute Archive Griffith Institute
H.M.J. Underhill Archive Archaeology Institute Deborah Harlan and Megan Price
Holinshed Project History Faculty Ian W. Archer
Humanities Information Practices Oxford Internet Institute Eric T. Meyer
I.Sicily: a digital corpus of Sicilian inscriptions Classics Faculty Jonathan Prag
IJDDiP (Intute/ JISC Digitisation Dissemination Project) IT Services James A J Wilson
Imagery Lenses for Visualizing Text Corpora Oxford e-Research Centre Professor Min Chen
Imaging Papyri at Oxford Classics Faculty Dirk Obbink
Imaging Roman Stilus Tablets Ancient History Alan Bowman
Integrating Broadside Ballad Resources Online Digital Collections Development Alexandra Franklin
International Reciprocal Research Network (Haida Material Culture in UK Museums) Pitt Rivers Museum Laura Peers
Internet Archive Live Music Archive Linked Data Oxford e-Research Centre Sean Bechhofer (University of Manchester)
Intute IT Services James A J Wilson
Iraq is the Navel of the World Ashmolean Museum Luke Treadwell, Eleanor Robson
Islamic Manuscripts Project Bodleian Libraries Research & Learning Services
Jane Austen's holograph fiction manuscripts: a digital and print resource English Faculty Kathryn Sutherland
Jonathan Swift: Journal to Stella English Faculty Paddy Bullard
Last Statues of Antiquity Classical Archaeology Bert Smith, Bryan Ward-Perkins


People (302)
Geoffrey Baker Research Associate Music Faculty
Geraldine Johnson Associate Professor in History of Art History of Art, Christ Church
Gervase Rosser History Faculty
Giles Bergel Digital Humanites Research Officer, Faculty of Engineering Science Engineering Science
Giovanni Maria Pala DPhil Student in Economic History and the History of Science History Faculty, Magdalen College
Graham Klyne Research Software Engineer at OeRC Oxford e-Research Centre
Greg Kochanski Linguistics, Philology & Phonetics Faculty
Greg Parker Technical Director, Beazley Archive Classical Archaeology
Greg Votruba D.Phil Student Archaeology
Gábor Mihály Tóth Doctoral student History Faculty
Haas Ezzet Head of ICT, Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford Pitt Rivers Museum
Hannah Chandler Official Papers Librarian Law
Helen Hales Special Projects Officer, Pitt Rivers Museum Pitt Rivers Museum
Helen Watanabe-O'Kelly Professor of German Literature Medieval & Modern Languages Faculty
Helena Hamerow Professor, University Lecturer in European Archaeology (Early Medieval) Archaeology Institute
Henriette Roued-Cunliffe Graduate Student Classics Faculty
Henry Hardy Honorary Fellow, Wolfson College; Trustee of the Isaiah Berlin Literary Trust; Editor Wolfson College
Howard Hotson Professor of Early Modern Intellectual History, Lecturer (CUF) in Modern History History Faculty
Ian Archer Fellow and Tutor in Modern History History Faculty
Ian McClelland Communications and Information Coordinator, Refugee Studies Centre International Development