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Digital Humanities activities take place all across the Humanities Division, IT Services, The Oxford e-Research Centre, the Oxford Internet Institute, the Bodleian Libraries, the Museums and colleges. Click on the list on the right to view People and Projects in each Division of the University, or browse the full list of People and Projects in our database below.

Projects (237)
Oxford Dictionary of National Biography History Faculty Philip Carter
Oxford Digital Library Bodleian Digital Library Systems & Services Michael Popham, Alexander Huber, Dave Price
Oxford English Dictionary Oxford University Press OUP
Oxford eSocial Science (OeSS) Project Oxford Internet Institute William Dutton, Marina Jirotka, Ralph Schroeder
Oxford Google Project Bodleian Digital Library Systems & Services Sarah Thomas
Oxford Latin American Economic History Database Latin American Centre Latin American Centre, Rosemary Thorp (retired) and Valpy FitzGerald
Oxford Roman Economy Project Ancient History Alan Bowman, Andrew Wilson
Oxford Russian Life History Archive Russian Catriona H. M. Kelly
Oxford Text Archive IT Services Martin Wynne
Oxford University Research Archive (ORA) Bodleian Libraries Research & Learning Services
Pacific Pathways: Multiplying contexts for the Forster ('Cook-Voyage') collection at the Pitt Rivers Museum : 2002-03 Pitt Rivers Museum Jeremy Coote
Paradigm Bodleian Libraries Research & Learning Services Susan Thomas
Photographic Archive of Papyri in the Cairo Museum Classics Faculty Alan Bowman
Pichnavi Archaeology Michael Vickers
Pitt Rivers Luo Visual History Pitt Rivers Museum Gilbert Oteyo and Chris Morton
Plastercasts.org Classical Archaeology
Podcasts from the University of Oxford IT Services Peter Robinson
Poinikastas: Epigraphic Sources for Early Greek Writing Classical Archaeology Alan Bowman
Portraits in Oxford History Faculty John Robertson
Portuguese Literature: A Co-Companion Portuguese Dr Stephen Parkinson


People (292)
John McTague Departmental Lecturer English Faculty
John Pilbeam Web/Digital Officer, Sainsbury Library Said Business School Library
John Pybus Technical Manager, BVREH Oxford e-Research Centre
Jon Edwards IT Manager for Modern Languages & Linguistics Medieval & Modern Languages Faculty
Jonathan Hicks Junior Research Fellow in Music, Lincoln College Music Faculty
Jonathan Moffett Head of IT, Ashmolean Ashmolean Museum
Jonathan Prag Associate Professor in Ancient History / Fellow and Tutor, Merton College Ancient History
Jonathan Thacker Faculty Lecturer in Spanish Spanish
Joseph David Oriental Studies Faculty
Joseph Talbot Head of Web Design Consultancy Service, OUCS IT Services
Josie Lister Imaging service, printed books Bodleian Libraries Research & Learning Services
Judith Pfeiffer University Lecturer in Arabic; Fellow of St Cross College Oriental Studies Faculty
Judith Siefring Project Manager, Bodleian Digital Library Systems and Services Bodleian Digital Library Systems & Services
Julia Craig-McFeely Research Fellow Music Faculty
Julia Lenaghan Researcher Classical Archaeology
Kate Lindsay Manager for Engagment IT Services
Kate Tunstall Associate Professor French
Katharine Keats-Rohan History Faculty
Kathleen Jeffs Post-Doctoral Research Assistant Spanish
Kathleen Lawton-Trask D.Phil student English Faculty