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Digital Humanities activities take place all across the Humanities Division, IT Services, The Oxford e-Research Centre, the Oxford Internet Institute, the Bodleian Libraries, the Museums and colleges. Click on the list on the right to view People and Projects in each Division of the University, or browse the full list of People and Projects in our database below.

Projects (249)
Pitt Rivers Luo Visual History Pitt Rivers Museum Gilbert Oteyo and Chris Morton
Plastercasts.org Classical Archaeology
Podcasts from the University of Oxford IT Services Peter Robinson
Poinikastas: Epigraphic Sources for Early Greek Writing Classical Archaeology Alan Bowman
Polonsky Digital Preservation Programme Academic Services Michael Popham
Portraits in Oxford History Faculty John Robertson
Portuguese Literature: A Co-Companion Portuguese Dr Stephen Parkinson
PotWeb Ashmolean Museum Arthur Grant MacGregor
Poxy: Oxyrhynchus Online Classical Languages Dirk Obbink
Preparing DARIAH Oxford e-Research Centre Martin Wynne
Preserv: Repository Preservation and Interoperability Bodleian Digital Library Systems & Services Steve Hitchcock (Project Manager, Southampton)
Preserving and Enhancing Access to Historic Oxfordshire Ashmolean Museum Arthur MacGregor
Project Bamboo Oxford e-Research Centre John Coleman, Martin Wynne
Prosopography of the Byzantine World History Faculty Avril Cameron
Quill Project History Faculty N. P. Cole
Reconnections with historic Blackfoot shirts Pitt Rivers Museum Laura Peers
Recovering the material and visual cultures of the southern Sudan: A museological resource Pitt Rivers Museum Jeremy Coote and Elizabeth Edwards (now University of the Arts, London)
Reel to Real Pitt Rivers Museum Christopher Morton (University of Oxford)
Researcher Engagement with Web Archives Oxford Internet Institute Eric T. Meyer
Rethinking Pitt-Rivers: Analysing the Activities of a Nineteenth-Century Collector Pitt Rivers Museum Jeremy Coote


People (302)
Karen Patricia Heath Senior Research Fellow American Institute Rothermere, History Faculty, Continuing Education, Lady Margaret Hall
Kate Lindsay Manager for Engagment IT Services
Kate Tunstall Associate Professor French
Katharine Keats-Rohan History Faculty
Kathleen Jeffs Post-Doctoral Research Assistant Spanish
Kathleen Lawton-Trask D.Phil student English Faculty
Kathryn Eccles Research Fellow Oxford Internet Institute
Kathryn Sutherland Professor in Bibliography and Textual Criticism English Faculty
Kathryn Wenczek IT Services Events Team Academic Services
Kelsey Rubin-Detlev Foote Junior Research Fellow in Russian, The Queen's College Russian
Kerri L Russell Postdoctoral Researcher Oriental Studies Faculty
Kevin Page Senior Researcher Oxford e-Research Centre
Kim McLean-Fiander Editor and Acting Project Coordinator History Faculty
Kyle Devine Project Administrator, ERC Music and Digitisation Research Group Music Faculty
Larry John Schaaf Professor Bodleian Libraries Research & Learning Services
Lawrence Goldman Lecturer (CUF) in Modern History History Faculty
Lik Hang Tsui Postdoctoral fellow, China Biographical Database, Harvard University Chinese Studies (Humanities)
Liz Baird Wolfson College archives staff member; ex-library staff member Wolfson College
Lou Burnard Retired IT Services
Lucia Nixon Senior Tutor, St Hilda's, Co-Director, Sphakia Survey Classical Archaeology