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Classics Faculty

The Classics Faculty has been a leader in the development of digital humanities at Oxford and includes two major centres: the Beazley Archive and the Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents. It has pioneered cross-disciplinary partnerships with other Divisons. The Faculty IT Officer is Neil Leeder.

Website: http://www.classics.ox.ac.uk/
Projects (28)
A Virtual Research Environment for the Study of Documents and Manuscripts (VRE-SDM) Classics Faculty John Pybus
Ancient Cyprus in the Ashmolean Museun - The Ashmolean Cyprus Digitisation Project Classical Archaeology Anja Ulbrich
APGRD - Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama Classical Languages Felix Budelmann
Beazley Archive Online Databases Classical Archaeology
Bibliotheca Academica Translationum; Translations of Classical Scholarship 1701-1917 Ancient History Oswyn Murray
Cognitive Underpinnings of Reading Handwritten Scripts: Investigating Variations for Applications in Digital Palaeography (CURHSIVA-DP) Oxford e-Research Centre, Clinical Neurology, Experimental Psychology, Ancient History, Griffith Institute Ségolène Tarte
Corpus of Ptolemaic Inscriptions Ancient History Alan Bowman
Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum Online Classical Archaeology Peter Stewart
Curse Tablets of Roman Britain Classical Archaeology Roger Tomlin
Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources Classical Languages Tobias Reinhardt
e-Science and Ancient Documents (eSAD) Ancient History Henriette Roued-Cunliffe
GPBCP: Gazetteer of Papyri in British Collections Classics Faculty Alan Bowman
I.Sicily: a digital corpus of Sicilian inscriptions Classics Faculty James Cummings
Imaging Papyri at Oxford Classics Faculty Dirk Obbink
Imaging Roman Stilus Tablets Ancient History Alan Bowman
Last Statues of Antiquity Classical Archaeology Bryan Ward-Perkins
Lefkandi Classical Archaeology Irene Lemos
Lexicon of Greek Personal Names Ancient History Sebastian Rahtz
Monumenta Asiae Minoris Antiqua Vols. IX-X: Images from the Cox Archive Classical Archaeology Charles Crowther
Monumenta Asiae Minoris Antiqua XI: Monuments from Phrygia, Lycaconia, and Cappadocia Classical Archaeology Peter Thonemann
Oxford Roman Economy Project Ancient History Andrew Wilson
Photographic Archive of Papyri in the Cairo Museum Classics Faculty Alan Bowman
Plastercasts.org Classical Archaeology Greg Parker
Poinikastas: Epigraphic Sources for Early Greek Writing Classical Archaeology Alan Bowman
Poxy: Oxyrhynchus Online Classical Languages Dirk Obbink
Romano-British Writing Tablets Classics Faculty Roger Tomlin
Sphakia Survey Classical Archaeology Lucia Nixon
Vindolanda Tablets Online Ancient History Henriette Roued-Cunliffe
People (42)
Alan Bowman Ancient History Principal of Brasenose College
Andrew Meadows Ancient History Professor of Ancient History
Andrew Wilson Classical Archaeology Professor of the Archaeology of the Roman Empire, Departments of Classics and Archaeology
Avril Cameron Classics Faculty Professor of Late Antique and Byzantine History
Benjamin Weaver Classics Faculty
Charles Crowther Ancient History University Research Lecturer
Christina Kuhn Ancient History Fellow and University Lecturer in Ancient History, Faculty of Classics and Lady Margaret Hall
Claudia Wagner Classical Archaeology Chief Researcher (Gems), Beazley Archive
Daniela Colomo Classics Faculty
Dario Nappo Ancient History Research Assistant
David R. Howlett Classical Languages Editor, Medieval Latin Dictionary
Diggory James Gray Classics Faculty IT Officer
Dimosthenis Papamarkos Classics Faculty
Dirk Obbink Ancient History University Lecturer in Papyrology/Greek Literature
Edouard Chiricat Ancient History Researcher
Felix Budelmann Classics Faculty Tutorial Fellow
Fiona Macintosh Ancient History Senior Research Fellow, Reader in Greek and Roman Drama
Greg Parker Classical Archaeology Technical Director, Beazley Archive
Henriette Roued-Cunliffe Classics Faculty Graduate Student
Irene Lemos Classical Archaeology Professor of Classical Archaeology
James Brusuelas Classics Faculty Researcher in Papyrology and Digital Philology
John Boardman Classical Archaeology Emeritus Lincoln Professor of Classical Art and Archaeology
Jonathan Prag Ancient History Associate Professor in Ancient History / Fellow and Tutor, Merton College
Julia Lenaghan Classical Archaeology Researcher
Lucia Nixon Classical Archaeology Senior Tutor, St Hilda's, Co-Director, Sphakia Survey
Maggy Sasanow Classics Faculty Research Support Officer, Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents
Neil Leeder Classics Faculty IT Officer
Oliver Taplin Ancient History Professor of Classical Languages and Literature, Faculty of Classics
Peter G. McC Brown Classical Languages Fellow and Tutor in Classics, Trinity College, 1968-2011, now Emeritus Fellow
Peter Haarer Ancient History Associate of the Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents
Peter J. Parsons Classics Faculty Professor
Peter Stewart Classical Archaeology Director, Classical Art Research Centre and the Beazley Archive
Peter Thonemann Classics Faculty
Richard Ashdowne Classical Languages Editor, Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources
Richard Catling Ancient History Assistant Editor, Lexicon of Greek Personal Names
Robert Parker Ancient History Professor
Roland Smith Classical Archaeology Professor
Silja Spranger Classical Archaeology DPhil student
Thomas Corsten Ancient History co-editor, Lexicon of Greek Personal Names
Thomas Mannack Classics Faculty Chief Researcher (Pottery Database)
Tobias Reinhardt Classics Faculty
Ulrich Gehn Classical Archaeology Researcher