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Projects (102)
15cBOOKTRADE - An Evidence-based Assessment and Visualization of the Distribution, Sale, and Reception of Books in the Renaissance Medieval & Modern Languages Faculty Cristina Dondi
A Study of Transnational Jewish Relief Networks and the Emergence of Jewish Internationalism in Central and Eastern Europe, 1860s – 1870s. History Faculty Milena Zeidler
A Virtual Research Environment for the Study of Documents and Manuscripts (VRE-SDM) Classics Faculty John Pybus
Ancient Arabian Languages and Cultures Oriental Studies Faculty Daniel Burt
Ancient Cyprus in the Ashmolean Museun - The Ashmolean Cyprus Digitisation Project Classical Archaeology Anja Ulbrich
APGRD - Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama Classical Languages Felix Budelmann
Around 1968: Activism, Networks, Trajectories History Faculty Robert Gildea
Automatic annotation of the Spoken BNC Phonetics Laboratory John Pybus
Autonomous Morphology in Diachrony: comparative evidence from the Romance languages Medieval & Modern Languages Faculty John Charles Smith
Beazley Archive Online Databases Classical Archaeology
Bibliography of British and Irish History History Faculty Ian Archer
Bibliotheca Academica Translationum; Translations of Classical Scholarship 1701-1917 Ancient History Oswyn Murray
Boethius in Early Medieval Europe English Faculty
Book of Curiosities: An early 11th-century Arabic cosmography Oriental Studies Faculty Jeremy Johns
CatCor: The Correspondence of Catharine the Great Russian James Cummings
Centre for the Study of Early Music (CSEM) Music Faculty Julia Craig-McFeely
Centre for the Study of the Cantigas de Santa Maria Portuguese Stephen Parkinson
COEL database History Faculty Katharine Keats-Rohan
Cognitive Underpinnings of Reading Handwritten Scripts: Investigating Variations for Applications in Digital Palaeography (CURHSIVA-DP) Oxford e-Research Centre, Clinical Neurology, Experimental Psychology, Ancient History, Griffith Institute Ségolène Tarte
Computer vision approaches to the study of early printing English Faculty Alexandra Franklin
Constructing Scientific Communities: Citizen Science in the 19th and 21st Centuries English Faculty Sally Shuttleworth
Corpus of Ptolemaic Inscriptions Ancient History Alan Bowman
Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum Online Classical Archaeology Peter Stewart
Creative Practice in Contemporary Concert Music Music Faculty Eric Clarke
Crowd-Map-The-Crusades French Emma Goodwin
Cultures of Knowledge: Networking the Republic of Letters, 1550–1750 History Faculty John Pybus
Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative Griffith Institute Jacob Dahl
Curse Tablets of Roman Britain Classical Archaeology Roger Tomlin
David Hume Archive Philosophy Faculty Peter Millican
Diachronic Corpus of Sumerian Literature Oriental Studies Faculty Jacob Dahl
Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources Classical Languages Tobias Reinhardt
Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music (DIAMM) Music Faculty Elizabeth Eva Leach, FBA
Digital Miscellanies Index English Faculty Carly Watson
Digital Panopticon History Faculty Deborah Oxley
Digital Topographical Bibliography Griffith Institute Elizabeth Fleming
Diseases of Modern Life: 19th Century Perspectives English Faculty Sally Shuttleworth
Domesday Text Project Pilot Theology and Religion Faculty Katharine Keats-Rohan
e-Science and Ancient Documents (eSAD) Ancient History Henriette Roued-Cunliffe
Early Modern Festival Books Database Medieval & Modern Languages Faculty Madeleine Brook
Egyptian Mirage. A database of 19th-century "studio photographs" Griffith Institute Jaromir Malek
Electronic Database of Poetic Form English Faculty
Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature Griffith Institute Jacob Dahl
Fontes Anglo-Saxonici English Faculty Rohini Jayatilaka
GPBCP: Gazetteer of Papyri in British Collections Classics Faculty Alan Bowman
Griffith Institute Archive Griffith Institute Francisco Bosch-Puche
Holinshed Project History Faculty Ian Archer
I.Sicily: a digital corpus of Sicilian inscriptions Classics Faculty James Cummings
Imaging Papyri at Oxford Classics Faculty Dirk Obbink
Imaging Roman Stilus Tablets Ancient History Alan Bowman
Jane Austen's holograph fiction manuscripts: a digital and print resource English Faculty Jenny McAuley
Jonathan Swift: Journal to Stella English Faculty Stephen Bernard
Last Statues of Antiquity Classical Archaeology Bryan Ward-Perkins
Lefkandi Classical Archaeology Irene Lemos
Lest We Forget IT Services, English Faculty Stuart Lee
Lexicon of Greek Personal Names Ancient History Sebastian Rahtz
Machine-readable grammatical resources for Indonesian Linguistics, Philology & Phonetics Faculty Mary Dalrymple
Making Britain: South Asian Visions of Home and Abroad 1870-1950 History Faculty Sumita Mukherjee
Medieval Libraries of Great Britain (MLGB3) History Faculty Neil Jefferies
Monumenta Asiae Minoris Antiqua Vols. IX-X: Images from the Cox Archive Classical Archaeology Charles Crowther
Monumenta Asiae Minoris Antiqua XI: Monuments from Phrygia, Lycaconia, and Cappadocia Classical Archaeology Peter Thonemann
Multimodal language documentation for Dusner, an endangered language of Papua Linguistics, Philology & Phonetics Faculty Mary Dalrymple
Music, Digitisation, Mediation: Towards Interdisciplinary Music Studies Music Faculty Kyle Devine
Old English Literature; A Hypertext Course Pack English Faculty Stuart Lee
On-line language documentation for Biak (Austronesian) Linguistics, Philology & Phonetics Faculty Mary Dalrymple
Online Egyptological Bibliography Griffith Institute Francisco Bosch-Puche
Out of the Wings Spanish Jonathan Thacker
OxCLIC (Oxford Community Led Image Collection) History of Art Francesca Issatt
Oxford Dictionary of National Biography History Faculty, Oxford University Press Philip Carter
Oxford Roman Economy Project Ancient History Andrew Wilson
Oxford Russian Life History Archive Russian Catriona H. M. Kelly
Photographic Archive of Papyri in the Cairo Museum Classics Faculty Alan Bowman
Plastercasts.org Classical Archaeology Greg Parker
Poinikastas: Epigraphic Sources for Early Greek Writing Classical Archaeology Alan Bowman
Portraits in Oxford History Faculty Annette Peach
Portuguese Literature: A Co-Companion Portuguese Stephen Parkinson
Poxy: Oxyrhynchus Online Classical Languages Dirk Obbink
Prosopography of the Byzantine World History Faculty Avril Cameron
Quill Project History Faculty Nicholas Cole
Romano-British Writing Tablets Classics Faculty Roger Tomlin
Scene details in Ancient Egyptian monuments: Oxford Expedition's electronic database and publications project (c.2960 - 2040 BC). Oriental Studies Faculty Yvonne Harpur
Sphakia Survey Classical Archaeology Lucia Nixon
Stuart Successions Humanities Paulina Kewes
TEXTCOURT: Linking the Textual Worlds of Chinese Court Theater, ca. 1600-1800 Chinese Studies (Humanities) Lucrezia Botti
The Arabic Documents of Norman Sicily Oriental Studies Faculty Jeremy Johns
The C21 Scholar: Digital Engagement in the Arts and Humanities English Faculty Alex Pryce
The Gascon Rolls 1317-1468 History Faculty Malcolm Vale
The Italian Opera Aria on the London stage 1705-1801 Music Faculty Michael John Burden
The London Stage 1800-1900 Music Faculty Michael John Burden
The reuniting of Osip Mandelstam's texts and archives in digital form Medieval & Modern Languages Faculty Jennifer Baines
The Venetian Book-trade in the 15th Century: material evidence for the economic and social history of the Renaissance Italian Cristina Dondi
Transforming Musicology Oxford e-Research Centre, Music Faculty Kevin Page
Tudor Partbooks: the manuscript legacies of John Sadler, John Baldwin and their antecedents Music Faculty Julia Craig-McFeely
Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation Griffith Institute Jaromir Malek
Uncovering Sanskrit Syntax Linguistics, Philology & Phonetics Faculty Antonia Ruppel
Understanding Indonesian: developing a machine-usable grammar, dictionary and corpus Linguistics, Philology & Phonetics Faculty Mary Dalrymple
Universal Leonardo History Faculty Martin Kemp
Verb semantics and argument realization in pre-modern Japanese: A comprehensive study of the basic syntax of pre-modern Japanese Oriental Studies Faculty Bjarke Frellesvig
Victorian Social Reform: A Bibliography of the Published Papers of the Social Science Association 1857-86 History Faculty Lawrence Goldman
Vindolanda Tablets Online Ancient History Henriette Roued-Cunliffe
Voltaire Foundation Voltaire Foundation Clare Fletcher
Watercolours of Egypt made by Hector Horeau in 1838, now in the Archive of the Griffith Institute Griffith Institute Jaromir Malek
Word joins in real-life speech: a large corpus-based study Phonetics Laboratory John Pybus
People (178)
Abigail Williams English Faculty Lord White Fellow in English, Professor of Eighteenth-Century Literature
Aditi Deo Music Faculty
Aditi Lahiri Linguistics, Philology & Phonetics Faculty Professor and Fellow and Professor of Linguistics
Aileen Mooney History Faculty Research Development Officer
Alan Bowman Ancient History Principal of Brasenose College
Andrew Hankinson Music Faculty Post-doctoral Researcher, Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music
Andrew J Eisenberg Music Faculty
Andrew Meadows Ancient History Professor of Ancient History
Andrew Wilson Classical Archaeology Professor of the Archaeology of the Roman Empire, Departments of Classics and Archaeology
Andy Davies Philosophy Faculty IT Manager
Anna Marie Roos History Faculty Research Fellow
Annette Peach History Faculty
Antonia Ruppel Linguistics, Philology & Phonetics Faculty Post-Doctoral Researcher
Arno Bosse History Faculty Digital Project Manager, Cultures of Knowledge
Avril Cameron Classics Faculty Professor of Late Antique and Byzantine History
Ben Burton English Faculty
Benjamin Weaver Classics Faculty
Berris Charnley English Faculty Research
Birgit Mikus German Research Staff; Project Coordinator
Bjarke Frellesvig Oriental Studies Faculty Professor of Japanese Linguistics
Bryan Ward-Perkins History Faculty Lecturer in History, Oxford University
Carly Watson English Faculty Postdoctoral Research Assistant on the Digital Miscellanies Project
Caroline Warman French Associate Professor in French
Catriona H. M. Kelly Russian Professor of Russian, Co-Director, European Humanities Research Centre, Fellow of New College, Lecturer at Merton College
Charles Crowther Ancient History University Research Lecturer
Cheryl Bresnark History Faculty IT Officer
Christina Kuhn Ancient History Fellow and University Lecturer in Ancient History, Faculty of Classics and Lady Margaret Hall
Clare Fletcher Voltaire Foundation
Claudia Wagner Classical Archaeology Chief Researcher (Gems), Beazley Archive
Cristina Dondi Italian Oakeshott Senior Research Fellow in the Humanities, Lincoln College
Daniel Burt Oriental Studies Faculty Part-Time ICT Officer at The Khalili Research Centre, and Freelance IT Consultant/Developer
Daniel Wakelin Humanities Jeremy Griffiths Professor of Medieval English Palaeography
Daniela Colomo Classics Faculty
Dario Nappo Ancient History Research Assistant
David Norbrook English Faculty Merton Professor of English Literature
David R. Howlett Classical Languages Editor, Medieval Latin Dictionary
David Womersley English Faculty Professor
Deborah Oxley History Faculty University Lecturer in Social History
Diggory James Gray Classics Faculty IT Officer
Dimosthenis Papamarkos Classics Faculty
Dirk Obbink Ancient History University Lecturer in Papyrology/Greek Literature
Dr Emanuela Vai Humanities Fellow, Worcester College; Faculty of History and Faculty of Music
Edouard Chiricat Ancient History Researcher
Elizabeth Eva Leach, FBA Music Faculty Professor of Music, Faculty of Music
Elizabeth Fleming Griffith Institute
Elizabeth Frood Oriental Studies Faculty University Lecturer in Egyptology
Elizabeth Williamson History Faculty Ex-Project Manager, Cultures of Knowledge (2013-15)
Elleke Boehmer English Faculty Professor of World Literature in English
Emilie Savage-Smith Oriental Studies Faculty Professor of the History of Islamic Science; Senior Research Consultant for the Bodleian Library
Emma Goodwin French D Phil Candidate and AHRC-funded Principal Investigator, 'Promoting Interdisciplinary Engagement in the Digital Humanities (dhAHRC)' and 'Crowd-Map-The-Crusades'
Eric Clarke Music Faculty Professor
Erin Spinney History of Medicine Wellcome Academic Visitor
Felicity Heal History Faculty Fellow and Tutor in Modern History
Felix Budelmann Classics Faculty Tutorial Fellow
Fiona Macintosh Ancient History Senior Research Fellow, Reader in Greek and Roman Drama
Frances Reynolds Oriental Studies Faculty Shillito Fellow in Assyriology; Senior Research Fellow of St Benet's Hall
Francesca Issatt History of Art Visual Resources Assistant
Francisco Bosch-Puche Griffith Institute Topographical Bibliography, Online Egyptological Bibliography & Archive Assistant
Gábor Mihály Tóth History Faculty Doctoral student
Gareth Hughes Oriental Studies Faculty Research and IT Assistant
Geoffrey Baker Music Faculty Research Associate
Geraldine Johnson History of Art, Christ Church Associate Professor in History of Art
Gervase Rosser History Faculty
Giovanni Maria Pala History Faculty, Magdalen College DPhil Student in Economic History and the History of Science
Greg Kochanski Linguistics, Philology & Phonetics Faculty
Greg Parker Classical Archaeology Technical Director, Beazley Archive
Helen Watanabe-O'Kelly Medieval & Modern Languages Faculty Professor of German Literature
Henriette Roued-Cunliffe Classics Faculty Graduate Student
Howard Hotson History Faculty Professor of Early Modern Intellectual History, Lecturer (CUF) in Modern History
Ian Archer History Faculty Fellow and Tutor in Modern History
Ilona Budapesti Oriental Studies Faculty MSt Student in Oriental Studies
Irene Lemos Classical Archaeology Professor of Classical Archaeology
Jacob Dahl Griffith Institute University Lecturer in Assyriology
James Brusuelas Classics Faculty Researcher in Papyrology and Digital Philology
James M. W. Willoughby History Faculty Senior Research Fellow, New College, Oxford
James R. Brown History Faculty Project Coordinator
Jaromir Malek Griffith Institute Editor of the Topographical Bibliography and Keeper of the Archive
Jenni Navratil Griffith Institute
Jennifer Baines Russian College Lectuer in Russian at Christ Church, Exeter, Pembroke, St Edmund Hall, St Hilda's and St Peter's Colleges
Jennifer Batt English Faculty Post-doctoral Researcher
Jennifer Bunselmeier German DPhil student
Jenny McAuley English Faculty Postdoctoral Research Associate
Jeremy Johns Oriental Studies Faculty
John Baines Griffith Institute Professor
John Boardman Classical Archaeology Emeritus Lincoln Professor of Classical Art and Archaeology
John Charles Smith French Faculty Lecturer in French Linguistics, Fellow of St Catherine's College
John Coleman Phonetics Laboratory Professor
John J. Lowe Linguistics, Philology & Phonetics Faculty Departmental Lecturer
John McTague English Faculty Departmental Lecturer
Jon Edwards Medieval & Modern Languages Faculty IT Manager for Modern Languages & Linguistics, Philology, and Phonetics
Jonathan Hicks Music Faculty Junior Research Fellow in Music, Lincoln College
Jonathan Prag Ancient History Associate Professor in Ancient History / Fellow and Tutor, Merton College
Jonathan Thacker Spanish Faculty Lecturer in Spanish
Joseph David Oriental Studies Faculty
Joshua Ballance Music Faculty First-year DPhil student in music
Judith Pfeiffer Oriental Studies Faculty University Lecturer in Arabic; Fellow of St Cross College
Julia Craig-McFeely Music Faculty Research Fellow
Julia Lenaghan Classical Archaeology Researcher
Karen Patricia Heath American Institute Rothermere, History Faculty, Continuing Education, Lady Margaret Hall Senior Research Fellow
Kate Tunstall French Associate Professor
Katharine Keats-Rohan History Faculty
Kathleen Jeffs Spanish Post-Doctoral Research Assistant
Kathleen Lawton-Trask English Faculty D.Phil student
Kathryn Sutherland English Faculty Professor in Bibliography and Textual Criticism
Kelsey Rubin-Detlev Russian Foote Junior Research Fellow in Russian, The Queen's College
Kerri L Russell Oriental Studies Faculty Postdoctoral Researcher
Kim McLean-Fiander History Faculty Editor and Acting Project Coordinator
Kyle Devine Music Faculty Project Administrator, ERC Music and Digitisation Research Group
Lawrence Goldman History Faculty Lecturer (CUF) in Modern History
Lik Hang Tsui Chinese Studies (Humanities) Postdoctoral fellow, China Biographical Database, Harvard University
Lucia Nixon Classical Archaeology Senior Tutor, St Hilda's, Co-Director, Sphakia Survey
Lucrezia Botti Chinese Studies (Humanities) Project Coordinator
Luke Treadwell Oriental Studies Faculty University Lecturer in Islamic Numismatics and Assistant Keeper, Heberden Coin Room, Ashmolean Museum; Fellow of St Cross College
Madeleine Brook Medieval & Modern Languages Faculty Departmental Lecturer for Early Modern German
Maggy Sasanow Classics Faculty Research Support Officer, Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents
Malcolm Vale History Faculty Tutorial Fellow in Modern History
Manuel Dries Philosophy Faculty Lecturer in Philosophy, The Open University | College Lecturer, St Hilda's College
Marilou Polymeropoulou Music Faculty Postdoctoral researcher
Mark Doffman Music Faculty Researcher
Martin Maiden Medieval & Modern Languages Faculty Professor
Martin Wynne Bodleian Libraries Research & Learning Services, Oxford e-Research Centre, Linguistics, Philology & Phonetics Faculty Head of Oxford Text Archive
Mary Dalrymple Linguistics, Philology & Phonetics Faculty Professor of Syntax
Matthew Landrus History of Art Research Fellow
Megan Gooch Humanities, Bodleian Libraries Research & Learning Services Head of the Centre for Digital Scholarship and Digital Humanities Support
Michael John Burden Music Faculty Fellow in Music, New College, Reader in Opera Studies, Faculty of Music
Milena Zeidler History Faculty DPhil student (history) / digital librarian
Neil Leeder Classics Faculty IT Officer
Nicholas Cole History Faculty Senior Research Fellow
Nicholas Cronk French Director of the Voltaire Foundation, Professor of French Literature, and Lecturer in the History of the Book
Nick Daisley History Faculty IT support assistant, acting IT officer
Nigel F. Palmer German
Noel Malcolm History Faculty Senior Research Fellow, All Souls College
Oliver Taplin Ancient History Professor of Classical Languages and Literature, Faculty of Classics
Paddy Bullard English Faculty Researcher
Patrick Valiquet Music Faculty
Paul Bonaventura Ruskin School of Art Senior Research Fellow in Fine Art Studies, Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art
Paulina Kewes English Faculty, Humanities Fellow and Tutor in English Literature
Peter Damian-Grint Voltaire Foundation Post-doctoral researcher
Peter G. McC Brown Classical Languages Fellow and Tutor in Classics, Trinity College, 1968-2011, now Emeritus Fellow
Peter Haarer Ancient History Associate of the Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents
Peter Harrison Theology and Religion Faculty
Peter J. Parsons Classics Faculty Professor
Peter Millican Philosophy Faculty Gilbert Ryle Fellow and Professor of Philosophy at Hertford College, Oxford
Peter Stewart Classical Archaeology Director, Classical Art Research Centre and the Beazley Archive
Peter Thonemann Classics Faculty
Philip Carter History Faculty Senior Research and Publication Editor, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
Pietro Corsi History Faculty Professor of the History of Science at Oxford
Rhodri Lewis English Faculty Fellow and Tutor in English
Richard Ashdowne Classical Languages Editor, Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources
Richard Catling Ancient History Assistant Editor, Lexicon of Greek Personal Names
Richard Sharpe History Faculty Professor
Robert Gildea History Faculty Professor
Robert McNamee English Faculty Director, Electronic Enlightenment Project
Robert Parker Ancient History Professor
Roger Tomlin History Faculty University Lecturer in Late Roman History
Rohini Jayatilaka English Faculty English Faculty Senior Research Fellow and Project Manager
Roland Smith Classical Archaeology Professor
Sally Shuttleworth English Faculty Professor of English Literature, and Professorial Fellow, St Anne's College
Sergio Grau Puerto Phonetics Laboratory, IT Services Technical Project Officer (Media)
Silja Spranger Classical Archaeology DPhil student
Simon Horobin English Faculty Professor of English
Stephen Cox Oriental Studies Faculty IT Officer
Stephen Parkinson Portuguese University Lecturer in Portuguese Language and Linguistics
Sumita Mukherjee English Faculty
Suzanne Romaine English Faculty Merton Professor of English Language
Tara Stubbs Continuing Education - HQ, English Faculty Associate Professor, Oxford University Department for Continuing Education (OUDCE); Non-Tutorial Fellow, Kellogg College
Thomas Corsten Ancient History co-editor, Lexicon of Greek Personal Names
Thomas Mannack Classics Faculty Chief Researcher (Pottery Database)
Thomas Quartermain Oriental Studies Faculty Wolfson College, Linton Road, OX2 6UD
Tian Yuan Tan Chinese Studies (Humanities) Shaw Professor of Chinese
Tobias Reinhardt Classics Faculty
Tony Harris English Faculty Imaging Scientist/Medieval Scholar
Ulrich Gehn Classical Archaeology Researcher
Victoria Brown History of Art Visual Resources Curator
Vincent Razanajao Griffith Institute Editor of the Topographical Bibliography and Keeper of the Archive
William Poole English Faculty
Ylva Berglund Prytz IT Services, Linguistics, Philology & Phonetics Faculty Research Technology Specialist
Zixi You Oriental Studies Faculty DPhil Student, Part-Time Research Assistant