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IT Services

IT Services, formerly known as Oxford University Computing Services, has a long and distinguished history in the digital humanities, and currently hosts a number of projects, as well as providing the main source of digital humanities support. See the <a href=http://digital.humanities.ox.ac.uk/About/History.aspx> <i> History of Digital Humanities at Oxford</i></a> on this site.

Website: http://www.ox.ac.uk/it/
People (17)
Alun Edwards IT Services Research Officer
Christopher D. Stephens IT Services Systems Developer
Damon Strange ICT Support Team IT Project Manager
James A J Wilson IT Services Senior Project Manager (Research Data Management)
James Cummings IT Services Senior Academic Research Technology Specialist, Academic IT, IT Services, University of Oxford
Janet McKnight IT Services InfoDev Project Developer
Joseph Talbot IT Services Head of User Interface Team, IT Services
Kate Lindsay IT Services Manager for Engagment
Lou Burnard IT Services Retired
Melissa Highton IT Services Director of Academic IT ( Learning and Teaching)
Meriel Patrick IT Services Analyst and Training Officer, Research Support Team
Michael A. Fraser IT Services Director of Infrastructure Services, IT Services
Richard Doe IT Services Web Developer
Sebastian Rahtz IT Services Chief Data Architect
Sergio Grau Puerto Phonetics Laboratory, IT Services Technical Project Officer (Media)
Stuart Lee IT Services Deputy CIO, IT Services; Reader in E-learning and Digital Libraries; Member of the English Faculty
Ylva Berglund Prytz IT Services, Linguistics, Philology & Phonetics Faculty Research Technology Specialist