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Social Sciences

Website: http://www.geog.ox.ac.uk
Projects (25)
A Museum Without Walls: Realising the Potential of Crowdsourcing in the Arts Oxford Internet Institute Kathryn Eccles
Big UK Domain Data for the Arts and Humanities Oxford Internet Institute Eric Meyer
Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Buckets Archaeology Institute Helena Hamerow
Digital Asset Management at the Pitt Rivers Museum Anthropology Haas Ezzet
Digital Humanities @ Oxford Network Divisional Administration David Robey
Digital Impacts: A Synthesis Oxford Internet Institute Eric Meyer
Digitised Resources: A Usage and Impact Study Oxford Internet Institute Eric Meyer
e-Horizons Project Oxford Internet Institute William H. Dutton
Evaluating Digital Tools for Theatre and Dance: BAC Scratch Online Oxford Internet Institute Eric Meyer
Forced Migration Online International Development Ian McClelland
H.M.J. Underhill Archive Archaeology Institute Megan Price
Humanities Information Practices Oxford Internet Institute Eric Meyer
Novum Inventorium Sepulchrale - Kentish Anglo-Saxon graves and grave-goods in the Sonia Hawkes archive Archaeology Institute Helena Hamerow
Oxford eSocial Science (OeSS) Project Oxford Internet Institute Eric Meyer
Oxford Latin American Economic History Database Latin American Centre Valpy FitzGerald
Pichnavi Archaeology
Researcher Engagement with Web Archives Oxford Internet Institute Eric Meyer
SECT: Sustaining the EEBO-TCP Corpus in Transition Oxford Internet Institute Eric Meyer
Small Blessings: Amulets at the Pitt Rivers Museum Anthropology Haas Ezzet
South Cadbury Environs Project Archaeology Institute Gary Lock
Technologies of Enchantment: Early Celtic Art in Britain Archaeology Institute Zena Kamash
Using Web Archives: A Futures Perspective Oxford Internet Institute Eric Meyer
William Godwin's Diary Politics & Int Relations Mark Philp
Women and Gender in Chinese Studies Network Chinese Studies (Social Sciences) Maria Jaschok
World Wide Web of Humanities Oxford Internet Institute Eric Meyer
People (23)
Andrew Fairweather-Tall Divisional Administration Senior Assistant Registrar (Research), Humanities Division
Barry Cunliffe Archaeology Institute Professor
Bertie Vidgen Social Sciences DPhil Student at OII
Bridget Taylor Divisional Administration Assistant Registrar Planning and Resources
Christopher Gosden Archaeology Institute Professor, Chair of European Archaeology
Clare Harris Social & Cultural Anthropology Reader in Visual Anthropology and Curator for Asian Collections: Pitt Rivers Museum
David O'Shaughnessy Politics & Int Relations Research Associate, Leverhulme Trust Research Project: William Godwin's Diaries 1788-1836 and Junior Research Fellow at Linacre College
David Zeitlyn Social & Cultural Anthropology Professor
Eric Meyer Oxford Internet Institute Professor of Social Informatics at the Oxford Internet Institute
Gary Lock Archaeology Institute ProfessorĀ of Archaeology
Greg Votruba Archaeology D.Phil Student
Hannah Chandler Law Official Papers Librarian
Helena Hamerow Archaeology Institute Professor, University Lecturer in European Archaeology (Early Medieval)
Ian McClelland International Development Communications and Information Coordinator, Refugee Studies Centre
Kathryn Eccles Oxford Internet Institute Research Fellow
Maria Jaschok Chinese Studies (Social Sciences) Research Fellow/director of International Gender Studies Centre at LMH
Mark Philp Politics & Int Relations University Lecturer
Megan Price Archaeology Institute Research Associate
Pieter Francois Social Sciences Associate Professor in Cultural Evolution
Ralph Schroeder Oxford Internet Institute Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Internet Institute
Sharron Pleydell-Pearce Divisional Administration Senior Divisional Research Facilitator
Valpy FitzGerald International Development Professor of International Development
Zena Kamash Archaeology Institute Lecturer at Magdalen College and Research Assistant to the Professor of European Archaeology (Institute of Archaeology)