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Practice-led research

Practice-led research techniques used for creating digital content such as illustrations, photographs, musical compositions or animations.

See the tabs in the box at the bottom for a list of People and Projects using this category of method at Oxford. The category comprises the subheadings below; click on the expand button next to each one to see a list of detailed methods, with definitions taken from arts-humanities.net. The links on each individual method take you to the national list of related projects there.

2d graphic design : The technique of using digital drawing software to render two-dimensional visual representations of objects, ideas and messages.
2d illustration : A two-dimensional visualisation that stresses subject more than form. Illustrations can include drawings, paintings, photographs or digital images that decorate textual information and act as a visual representation of its content. In particular, illustra
3d graphic design : The technique of using digital drawing software to render visual representations of three-dimensional objects. The principles are very similar to those of two-dimensional graphic design, but different results are produced.
Interface design : A user interface is the part of a computer program that the user is able to interact with to perform various tasks and conduct activities. In particular, the term ‘interface design’ refers to the design of websites and software applications.
Texture design and mapping : The production and applying / wrapping of a texture image onto an object to create a realistic representation of the object in 3D space. The process is similar to wrapping a plain object in patterned paper. Texture mapping adds detail, surface texture or
Audio dubbing : A process to enhance, add to, or replace totally, the originally recorded audio signal without modifying the original video signal.
Audio mixing : A process or technique used to combine a number of recorded sounds, such as speech, atmosphere, sound effects and music, into one or more tracks. Usually, the intention is to blend the sounds in such a way as to create the illusion that they were all reco
Music composition : The process of developing a piece of original music designed for repeated performance. Musical compositions are normally written using musical notation, although some pieces are played entirely from memory, or improvised spontaneously during the performan
Image manipulation : The process of modifying an image in a manner that affects its original visual form. Image manipulation differs from image enhancement or restoration in that the subject matter and meaning of the original image are often changed, sometimes quite dramatica
Photomontage : A technique whereby an image is produced by assembling various different photographs. Originally, this was done by physically cutting and pasting different photographs together, then taking a photograph of the result. Now, it is usually performed using d
Storyboarding : A graphic, sequential depiction of a narrative, which is often similar in appearance to a comic strip. Storyboards are often used to plan and visualise live-action video, animation, theatre, advertising, graphic novels or interactive media (including webs
Video post production : The term ‘video post-production’ refers to the process of producing a list of edit decisions and then creating an edited program ready for distribution or viewing. It can apply to any of the processes that occur after the filming and recording has taken p
Projects (19)
Cognitive Underpinnings of Reading Handwritten Scripts: Investigating Variations for Applications in Digital Palaeography (CURHSIVA-DP) Oxford e-Research Centre Ségolène Tarte
Cultures of Knowledge: Networking the Republic of Letters, 1550–1750 History Faculty John Pybus
Digitally Curating Knowledge Creation: Understanding and Recording the Process of Interpreting Cultural and Historical Artefacts Oxford e-Research Centre Ségolène Tarte
Digitised Resources: A Usage and Impact Study Oxford Internet Institute Eric Meyer
Evaluating Digital Tools for Theatre and Dance: BAC Scratch Online Oxford Internet Institute Eric Meyer
Griffith Institute Archive Griffith Institute Francisco Bosch-Puche
Imaging Papyri at Oxford Classics Faculty Dirk Obbink
Imaging Roman Stilus Tablets Ancient History Alan Bowman
Lunar: We Look to the Moon Karen Patricia Heath
Romano-British Writing Tablets Classics Faculty Roger Tomlin
South Cadbury Environs Project Archaeology Institute Gary Lock
Stationers' Register Online (SRO) Bodleian Libraries Research & Learning Services Giles Bergel
Taylor Editions Bodleian Libraries Research & Learning Services Emma Huber
The First World War Poetry Digital Archive IT Services Stuart Lee
The Great War Archive & Europeana 1914-1918 IT Services Stuart Lee
Transforming Musicology Oxford e-Research Centre Kevin Page
Transits of Venus History of Science Museum Joseph Talbot
Tudor Partbooks: the manuscript legacies of John Sadler, John Baldwin and their antecedents Music Faculty Julia Craig-McFeely
Universal Leonardo History Faculty Martin Kemp
People (9)
Alexander Huber Digital Librarian Bodleian Digital Library Systems & Services
Francesca Issatt Visual Resources Assistant History of Art
Gary Lock Professor of Archaeology Archaeology Institute
Gábor Mihály Tóth Doctoral student History Faculty
James Cummings Senior Academic Research Technology Specialist, Academic IT, IT Services, University of Oxford IT Services
Karen Patricia Heath Senior Research Fellow American Institute Rothermere
Sneha Krishnan Brasenose College, Radcliffe Square, Oxford Social Sciences Subject Area - LRS
Ségolène Tarte Research Fellow Oxford e-Research Centre
Ylva Berglund Prytz Research Technology Specialist IT Services