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Data publishing and dissemination

Presentation and dissemination / communication of results and findings, using techniques such as desktop publishing or website design.

See the tabs in the box at the bottom for a list of People and Projects using this category of method at Oxford. The category comprises the subheadings below; click on the expand button next to each one to see a list of detailed methods, with definitions taken from arts-humanities.net. The links on each individual method take you to the national list of related projects there.

Personalisation : This one is not in arts-humanities.net.
Resource sharing publishing : Resource sharing describes arrangements that give different users shared access to resources (e.g. audio, textual, video and graphical data) on a peer-to-peer (P2P) network, wiki, Virtual Research Environment (VRE) or similar means for collaboration or pu
Streaming media : Streaming media are multimedia that are constantly received by, and normally presented to, an end-user while being delivered by a streaming provider. The name refers to the delivery method of the medium rather than to the medium itself.
User contributed content : User contributed content, a concept also known as ‘consumer-generated media’ (CGM), ‘user-created content’ (UCC) or ‘user-generated content’ (UGC), refers to various kinds of media content that are contributed to a project by the end-users.
Collaborative publishing : The collaborative creation of content (graphical, textual, audio, video etc.) which evolves over time in a publicly-accessible workspace. Examples can include Wikis and collaborative blogs.
Desktop publishing and pre-press : Desktop publishing uses page layout software to create publication documents on a computer. These documents can include displays, leaflets and slide shows as well as books; the term can also apply to websites. Generally, specialist software is required, a
Disk publishing : Amalgamating software, media or documents onto a disk (CD, DVD, Blu-Ray etc.) with installation files or viewer software. A CD can usually hold up to 700MB, a DVD can hold between 4GB and 17GB, and a Blu-Ray Disk (BD) can hold between 25GB and 50GB of dat
Presenting : This one is not in arts-humanities.net.
General website development : The term ‘website development’ can incorporate interface and application (e.g. Flash) design and coding and programming for the Web, for example the use of markup languages (e.g. XHTML and XML), stylesheets (e.g. CSS and XSLT), server-side scripting (e.g.
Server scripting : Server-side scripting is a technology in which a user's request is fulfilled by running a script directly on the web server to generate dynamic web pages. It is usually used to provide interactive web sites that interface to databases or other data stores
Web browser scripting : Websites use scripting to enhance the browsing experience. JavaScript and VBScript are the most popular scripting languages on the Web.
Projects (48)
Ancient Cyprus in the Ashmolean Museun - The Ashmolean Cyprus Digitisation Project Classical Archaeology Anja Ulbrich
Anglo-Saxon Discovery Ashmolean Museum
APGRD - Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama Classical Languages Felix Budelmann
Architecture, Mathematics, and English Culture 1550-1750 History of Science Museum Stephen Johnston
Archives and Artefacts: Exploring the past through the work of E.T. Leeds and A2A Ashmolean Museum
Around 1968: Activism, Networks, Trajectories History Faculty Robert Gildea
Artefact Pitt Rivers Museum Haas Ezzet
BEAM Bodleian Libraries Research & Learning Services Susan Thomas
Body Arts at the Pitt Rivers Museum Pitt Rivers Museum Haas Ezzet
British Archaeology at the Ashmolean Museum: Rationalisation and Enhancement of the Historic Collections Ashmolean Museum Alison Roberts
Burgon Archive Project Ashmolean Museum Alison Roberts
CatCor: The Correspondence of Catharine the Great Russian James Cummings
Centre for the Study of Early Music (CSEM) Music Faculty Julia Craig-McFeely
Congo Journey Pitt Rivers Museum Haas Ezzet
Corpus of Ptolemaic Inscriptions Ancient History Alan Bowman
Curse Tablets of Roman Britain Classical Archaeology Roger Tomlin
Cutting Edge: Revealing hidden stories in a cross-cultural collection of arms and armour : 2006-08 Pitt Rivers Museum Haas Ezzet
Digital Ashmolean Cuneiform Ashmolean Museum Jacob Dahl
Digital Miscellanies Index English Faculty Carly Watson
Digital.Humanities@Oxford Oxford e-Research Centre David Robey


People (21)
Alexander Huber Digital Librarian Bodleian Digital Library Systems & Services
Alexandra Franklin Project Coordinator, Centre for the Study of the Book at University of Oxford Bodleian Libraries Research & Learning Services
Alison Roberts Curator for European and Early Prehistoric Collections, Ashmolean Museum Ashmolean Museum
Alun Edwards Research Officer IT Services
Carly Watson Postdoctoral Research Assistant on the Digital Miscellanies Project English Faculty
Emma Huber Subject Librarian for German, Taylor Institution Library; UKOLN, Work Package Leader, IMPACT Project; Oxford, EEBO Reviewer Bodleian Libraries Research & Learning Services
Gary Lock Professor of Archaeology Archaeology Institute
Graham Klyne Research Software Engineer at OeRC Oxford e-Research Centre
Haas Ezzet Head of ICT, Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford Pitt Rivers Museum
Helen Hales Special Projects Officer, Pitt Rivers Museum Pitt Rivers Museum
John Pilbeam Web/Digital Officer, Sainsbury Library Said Business School Library
Julia Craig-McFeely Research Fellow Music Faculty
Kathleen Lawton-Trask D.Phil student English Faculty
Kerri L Russell Postdoctoral Researcher Oriental Studies Faculty
Milena Zeidler DPhil student (history) / digital librarian History Faculty
Neil Leeder IT Officer Classics Faculty
Peter Lawrence Watson DPhil student Continuing Education - HQ
Peter Stewart Director, Classical Art Research Centre and the Beazley Archive Classical Archaeology
Stephen Cox IT Officer Oriental Studies Faculty
Thaddeus Lipinski Web Applications Manager, OULS Bodleian Libraries Research & Learning Services