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Projects (247)
Women and Gender in Chinese Studies Network Chinese Studies (Social Sciences) Maria Jaschok
Word joins in real-life speech: a large corpus-based study Phonetics Laboratory John Coleman
World War I Centenary: Continuations and Beginnings IT Services Kate Lindsay
World Wide Web of Humanities Oxford Internet Institute Eric T. Meyer
Woruldhord IT Services Dr Stuart Lee
Xaira IT Services Lou Burnard
Yousef Jameel Online Centre for the Study of Islamic and Eastern Art Ashmolean Museum Paul Groves (Project Manager)


People (295)
Richard Ovenden Bodley's Librarian Bodleian Libraries Bodleian Libraries Central Services and Administration
Richard Sharpe Professor History Faculty
Robert Gildea Professor History Faculty
Robert McNamee Director, Electronic Enlightenment Project English Faculty
Robert Parker Professor Ancient History
Roger Tomlin University Lecturer in Late Roman History History Faculty
Rohini Jayatilaka English Faculty Senior Research Fellow and Project Manager English Faculty
Roland Smith Professor Classical Archaeology
Ruth Kirkham Digital Humanities Network Coordinator Oxford e-Research Centre
Sally Rumsey Head of Scholarly Communications & RDM Bodleian Digital Library Systems & Services
Sally Shuttleworth Professor of English Literature, and Professorial Fellow, St Anne's College English Faculty
Sarah Platt Taylor Institution Library Trainee Bodleian Libraries Research & Learning Services
Sarah Thomas Bodleian Libraries Central Services and Administration
Sebastian Rahtz Chief Data Architect IT Services
Serena Moore Administrator 1998-2010 of the Isaiah Berlin Papers Project at Wolfson College, and Assistant to Henry Hardy, Trustee of the Isaiah Berlin Literary Trust. Wolfson College
Sergio Grau Puerto Technical Project Officer (Media) Phonetics Laboratory, IT Services
Sharron Pleydell-Pearce Senior Divisional Research Facilitator Divisional Administration
Silja Spranger DPhil student Classical Archaeology
Simon Charles Bodleian Libraries Research & Learning Services
Simon Horobin Professor of English English Faculty