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Simon Horobin Professor of English English Faculty
Sneha Krishnan Brasenose College, Radcliffe Square, Oxford Social Sciences Subject Area - LRS
Stephen Bernard Lecturer, University College University College
Stephen Cox IT Officer Oriental Studies Faculty
Stephen Johnston Assistant Keeper at the Museum of the History of Science History of Science Museum
Stephen Parkinson University Lecturer in Portuguese Language and Linguistics Portuguese
Stuart Lee Deputy CIO, IT Services; Reader in E-learning and Digital Libraries; Member of the English Faculty IT Services
Sukanta Chaudhuri Visiting Fellow All Souls College
Sumita Mukherjee English Faculty
Susan Thomas Head of Archives and Modern Manuscripts, Bodleian Libraries Special Collections
Susan Walker Keeper, Department of Antiquities, Ashmolean Museum Ashmolean Museum
Sushila Burgess DAMS Developer, BDLSS Bodleian Libraries Research & Learning Services
Suzanne Romaine Merton Professor of English Language English Faculty
Ségolène Tarte Research Fellow Oxford e-Research Centre
Tara Stubbs Associate Professor, Oxford University Department for Continuing Education (OUDCE); Non-Tutorial Fellow, Kellogg College Continuing Education - HQ, English Faculty
Terhi Nurmikko-Fuller PDRA - Linked Data Oxford e-Research Centre
Thaddeus Lipinski Web Applications Manager, OULS Bodleian Libraries Research & Learning Services
Thomas Corsten co-editor, Lexicon of Greek Personal Names Ancient History
Thomas Mannack Chief Researcher (Pottery Database) Classics Faculty
Thomas Quartermain Wolfson College, Linton Road, OX2 6UD Oriental Studies Faculty