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Full Name: 
Sukanta Chaudhuri
not specified
Visiting Fellow
  • Division: Colleges and Halls
  • Unit: All Souls College
  • Sub-Unit: not specified
Digital Humanities Interests: 
Electronic editing and text-processing; digital archiving. Inter alia, was in charge of Bichitra, the online Tagore variorum (http://bichitra.jdvu.ac.in), and co-ordinated the programs created for it, including the 3-tier collation program 'Prabhed' and customized bibliography and hyperconcordance programs. Subject area: professionally English Language and Literature, but also European and Indian (specifically Bengali) languages and literatures, and textual studies generally.
ICT Methods: 
Data CaptureTextual InputManual input and transcription
- -Text recognition
Data analysisText AnalysisCollating
- -Content analysis
- -Indexing
- -Stemmatics
- -Text mining
Data publishing and disseminationData and resource sharing
not specified
not specified

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