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Project Name: 
Discovery: Digital semantic corpora for virtual research in philosophy
Principal Investigator / Director: 
Paolo D’Iorio
Oxford participants: 
Paolo D'Iorio (Main Contact); Manuel Dries
Other Participants: 
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  • Division: Maths, Physical & Life Sciences
  • Unit: Oxford e-Research Centre
  • Sub-Unit: not specified
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End Date: 
Partner organizations (inside or outside Oxford): 
Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen; Lessico Intellettuale Europeo e Storia delle Idee (CNR), Rome; Università Politecnica delle Marche, Ancona; Net7 Internet Open Solutions, Pisa; Rai Radiotelevisione Italiana (RaiNet), Rome.
European Commission (eContentplus programme)
Subject Area: 
Project Description: 

Discovery aims to create a federation of semantic Digital Libraries and Open Access publishers in the field of philosophy. It has two main components:
A) Philosource, a federation of seven interlinked web sites dedicated to 1) Nietzsche; 2) Wittgenstein; 3) pre-Socratic philosophers; 4) Socrates; 5) Diogenes Laertius’ Lives of the Philosophers; 6) early modern philosophy including Descartes, Spinoza, Vico, Bruno, Kant; 7) 300 video interviews with contemporary philosophers including H.G. Gadamer, Gilles Deleuze, Gianni Vattimo, and many others. B) Philospace, a network of personal desktop applications that will be used to enrich the content of Philosource with semantic annotations.

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ICT Methods: 
CollaborationCollaborative interactionTextual interaction (asynchronous)
Data CaptureSound and Music CaptureSound recording
Data publishing and disseminationData and resource sharingPersonalisation
- -Resource sharing publishing
Data structuring and enhancementAudio-Visual ProcessingVideo editing
Text EncodingText encoding - referential
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