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Project Name: 
e-Science and Ancient Documents (eSAD)
Principal Investigator / Director: 
Alan Bowman; Michael Brady; Melissa Terras (UCL)
Oxford participants: 
Other Participants: 
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  • Division: Humanities
  • Unit: Classics Faculty
  • Sub-Unit: Ancient History
Start Date: 
End Date: 
Partner organizations (inside or outside Oxford): 
Subject Area: 
Classics and Ancient History
Project Description: 

The Image, Text, Interpretation: e-Science, Technology and Documents project (also known as eSAD: e-Science and Ancient Documents) aims to use computing technologies to aid experts in reading ancient documents in their complex task. The project, being undertaken at the University of Oxford with input from University College London, is funded under the AHRC-EPSRC-JISC Arts and Humanities e-Science Initiative, and will run until the end of 2011. The project’s work focusses on creating tools which can aid the reading of damaged texts like the stilus tablets from Vindolanda. Furthermore, the project explores how an Interpretation Support System (ISS) can be used in the day-to-day reading of ancient documents and keep track of how the documents are interpreted and read. A combination of image processing tools and an ontology-based support system is being developed to facilitate the work of experts in decipherment by recording and tracking their hypotheses about reading and interpretation as they develop.

ICT Methods: 
CollaborationCollaborative interactionGraphical interaction (asynchronous)
- -Textual interaction (asynchronous)
Data CaptureImage capture2d Scanning and photography
Textual InputText recognition
Data analysisAudiovisual AnalysisImage feature measurement
Searching/LinkingContent-based image retrieval
Data structuring and enhancementImage ProcessingImage enhancement
- -Image restoration and rectification
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