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Imagery Lenses for Visualizing Text Corpora
Principal Investigator / Director: 
Professor Min Chen
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  • Division: Maths, Physical & Life Sciences
  • Unit: Oxford e-Research Centre
  • Sub-Unit: not specified
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University of Utah
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Project Description: 

A project to explore new visualization techniques for use in large scale linguistic and literary corpora using the collections of the British National Corpus and various smaller archives of poetry. The team will investigate whether or not advanced visualization techniques can provide an interface that enables humanities researchers to use their domain knowledge dynamically, while using the computational capability of computers. In particular, can data visualization help users make new observations and generate new hypotheses? The aim of this project is to answer the above methodological research question, and to create a set of new visualization tools for future scholarly research.

ICT Methods: 
Data analysisText AnalysisContent analysis
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