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Project Name: 
OxCLIC (Oxford Community Led Image Collection)
Principal Investigator / Director: 
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Oxford participants: 
Francesca Issatt (Main Contact)
Other Participants: 
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  • Division: Humanities
  • Unit: History of Art
  • Sub-Unit: not specified
Start Date: 
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End Date: 
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Partner organizations (inside or outside Oxford): 
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Subject Area: 
Architecture: History, Theory & Practice
Visual Arts
Project Description: 

OxCLIC which uses the MDID3 platform. OxCLIC (Oxford Community Led Image Collection) is an internal online image resource based on the MDID platform which was implemented and became operational within the Faculty from 2007-8. It is supported by Faculty administrative and IT staff who oversee its operation, access and content. It is currently used within the History Faculty to facilitate the teaching of Special Subjects with prescribed images, with the potential to support other History courses with visual elements. It is possible to upload scanned images, metadata and copyright information to create closed class groups and sets of images, and provide links to those sets of images from course sites in WebLearn.

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31/05/2017 15:35:01
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