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Project Name: 
Principal Investigator / Director: 
Susan Thomas
Oxford participants: 
Other Participants: 
not specified
  • Division: Academic Services
  • Unit: Bodleian Libraries Research & Learning Services
  • Sub-Unit: not specified
Start Date: 
End Date: 
Partner organizations (inside or outside Oxford): 
JISC "Supporting Institutional Digital Preservation and Asset Management".
Subject Area: 
Librarianship, Information & Museum Studies
Project Description: 

The Personal Archives Accessible in Digital Media (paradigm) project saw the major research libraries of the Universities of Oxford and Manchester come together to explore the issues involved in preserving digital private papers through gaining practical experience in accessioning and ingesting digital private papers into digital repositories, and processing these in line with archival and digital preservation requirements. The project outcomes included: producing a template for ensuring long-term access for institutional holdings of digital personal papers; best-practice guidelines in the form of a workbook on issues relating to the archiving of personal papers in digital form, made available in sections as they are completed; templates for institutional policies for collection development, retention, and disposal; practical test of digital repository softwares DSpace and Fedora and related tools. The project also collected new research resources for 20th century political history in the form of new archival collections.

ICT Methods: 
CollaborationResource sharing collaboration
Data CaptureData ReuseUse of existing digital data
Data analysisSearching/LinkingSearching and querying
Data structuring and enhancementOther Data ProcessingCoding and standardisation
- -Data modelling
Strategy and project managementICT Project ManagementDocumentation
- -General project management
- -Iterative design
- -Strategic management
- -System quality assurance and code testing
ICT Security/backupPreservation
- -Security planning
- -Version control
Requirements and prototypingHuman factors analysis
- -Prototyping
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