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Project Name: 
SECT: Sustaining the EEBO-TCP Corpus in Transition
Principal Investigator / Director: 
Eric T. Meyer
Oxford participants: 
Eric Meyer (Main Contact); Judith Siefring
Other Participants: 
not specified
  • Division: Social Sciences
  • Unit: Oxford Internet Institute
  • Sub-Unit: not specified
Start Date: 
End Date: 
Partner organizations (inside or outside Oxford): 
Bodleian Libraries
Subject Area: 
Librarianship, Information & Museum Studies
Project Description: 

SECT will carry out an investigation into the sustainability of the EEBO-TCP (Early English Books Online / Text Creation Partnership) corpus and aims to develop strategies to secure a sustainable future for the collection. The Bodleian is partnering with the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) to carry out a benchmarking study and subsequent analysis of EEBO-TCP, and will engage with stakeholders through interviews, workshops, and focus groups, in order to explore fully the various issues which will have a bearing on EEBO-TCP's sustainability.

ICT Methods: 
Data Capture
Data analysisStatistical Analysis
Data structuring and enhancement
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