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Victorian Social Reform: A Bibliography of the Published Papers of the Social Science Association 1857-86
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Lawrence Goldman
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Lawrence Goldman (Main Contact)
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The National Association for the Promotion of Social Science, known as the Social Science Association, was an influential forum for the development of social policy between the 1850s and 1880s. This project has produced an exhaustive bibliography of all contributions to the Association over three decades. Nearly 4,500 of these, given by over two thousand contributors, have been traced and entered on a database accessible via the internet. This will give scholars access to sources which will assist many different projects studying the development of British social policy. The basis for the database is the catalogue of the Association's Papers originally compiled by McGregor. He recorded information about each document on index cards which he kept in shoe boxes. From these he produced two typescript catalogues of the papers. The first was an author index listing the authors in alphabetical order together with their papers. The second was a subject index with the papers arranged according to a scheme McGregor himself devised.

The database was initially compiled using Access 2000. For mounting on this website it was then converted to a MySQL database. It has been deposited (in 2005) with the Arts and Humanities Data Service at Essex University and can be downloaded either as an Access or MySQL database, subject to the condition that it may not be exploited commercially without Lawrence Goldman's permission.

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