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Projects (23)
Ancient Cyprus in the Ashmolean Museum Ashmolean Museum Alison Roberts
Ancient Cyprus in the Ashmolean Museun - The Ashmolean Cyprus Digitisation Project Classical Archaeology Anja Ulbrich
Anglo-Saxon Discovery Ashmolean Museum
Archives and Artefacts: Exploring the past through the work of E.T. Leeds and A2A Ashmolean Museum
British Archaeology at the Ashmolean Museum: Rationalisation and Enhancement of the Historic Collections Ashmolean Museum Alison Roberts
Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Buckets Archaeology Institute Helena Hamerow
Curse Tablets of Roman Britain Classical Archaeology Roger Tomlin
Lefkandi Classical Archaeology Irene Lemos
Mapping Manning: The Man who Collected Oxfordshire Academic Services Alison Roberts
Monumenta Asiae Minoris Antiqua Vols. IX-X: Images from the Cox Archive Classical Archaeology Charles Crowther
Monumenta Asiae Minoris Antiqua XI: Monuments from Phrygia, Lycaconia, and Cappadocia Classical Archaeology Peter Thonemann
Novum Inventorium Sepulchrale - Kentish Anglo-Saxon graves and grave-goods in the Sonia Hawkes archive Archaeology Institute Helena Hamerow
Pichnavi Archaeology
Plastercasts.org Classical Archaeology Greg Parker
PotWeb Ashmolean Museum
Preserving and Enhancing Access to Historic Oxfordshire Ashmolean Museum
Sir John Evans Centenary Project Ashmolean Museum
South Cadbury Environs Project Archaeology Institute Gary Lock
Sphakia Survey Classical Archaeology Lucia Nixon
Technologies of Enchantment: Early Celtic Art in Britain Archaeology Institute Zena Kamash
The Dorothy Garrod Photographic Archive Pitt Rivers Museum Christopher Morton
The World of Art on the Semantic Web (CLAROS) Oxford e-Research Centre Paul Groves
Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation Griffith Institute Jaromir Malek
People (28)
Alison Roberts Ashmolean Museum Curator for European and Early Prehistoric Collections, Ashmolean Museum
Andrew Meadows Ancient History Professor of Ancient History
Andrew Wilson Classical Archaeology Professor of the Archaeology of the Roman Empire, Departments of Classics and Archaeology
Anja Ulbrich Ashmolean Museum A.G. Leventis Curator of the Cypriot Collection at the Ashmolean
Barry Cunliffe Archaeology Institute Professor
Christopher Gosden Archaeology Institute Professor, Chair of European Archaeology
Claudia Wagner Classical Archaeology Chief Researcher (Gems), Beazley Archive
Gary Lock Archaeology Institute ProfessorĀ of Archaeology
Greg Parker Classical Archaeology Technical Director, Beazley Archive
Greg Votruba Archaeology D.Phil Student
Helena Hamerow Archaeology Institute Professor, University Lecturer in European Archaeology (Early Medieval)
Irene Lemos Classical Archaeology Professor of Classical Archaeology
Jerome Mairat Ashmolean Museum eCurator
John Boardman Classical Archaeology Emeritus Lincoln Professor of Classical Art and Archaeology
Jonathan Moffett Ashmolean Museum IT Manager, Gardens & Museums IT
Julia Lenaghan Classical Archaeology Researcher
Lucia Nixon Classical Archaeology Senior Tutor, St Hilda's, Co-Director, Sphakia Survey
Megan Price Archaeology Institute Research Associate
Nick Daisley History Faculty IT support assistant, acting IT officer
Nick Mayhew Ashmolean Museum Professor of Numismatics and Monetary History, Ashmolean Museum
Peter Stewart Classical Archaeology Director, Classical Art Research Centre and the Beazley Archive
Roland Smith Classical Archaeology Professor
Silja Spranger Classical Archaeology DPhil student
Susan Walker Ashmolean Museum Keeper, Department of Antiquities, Ashmolean Museum
Terhi Nurmikko-Fuller Oxford e-Research Centre PDRA - Linked Data
Ulrich Gehn Classical Archaeology Researcher
Volker Heuchert Ashmolean Museum Collections Manager, Heberden Coin Room, Member of the Department of Classics
Zena Kamash Archaeology Institute Lecturer at Magdalen College and Research Assistant to the Professor of European Archaeology (Institute of Archaeology)