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People (19)
Aditi Deo Music Faculty
Andrew Hankinson Music Faculty Post-doctoral Researcher, Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music
Andrew J Eisenberg Music Faculty
David De Roure Oxford e-Research Centre Professor of e-Research
David Weigl Oxford e-Research Centre
Elizabeth Eva Leach, FBA Music Faculty Professor of Music, Faculty of Music
Eric Clarke Music Faculty Professor
Geoffrey Baker Music Faculty Research Associate
Jonathan Hicks Music Faculty Junior Research Fellow in Music, Lincoln College
Joshua Ballance Music Faculty First-year DPhil student in music
Julia Craig-McFeely Music Faculty Research Fellow
Kevin Page Oxford e-Research Centre Senior Researcher
Kyle Devine Music Faculty Project Administrator, ERC Music and Digitisation Research Group
Marilou Polymeropoulou Academic Services
Marilou Polymeropoulou Music Faculty Postdoctoral researcher
Mark Doffman Music Faculty Researcher
Michael John Burden Music Faculty Fellow in Music, New College, Reader in Opera Studies, Faculty of Music
Patrick Valiquet Music Faculty
Terhi Nurmikko-Fuller Oxford e-Research Centre PDRA - Linked Data