Enter the IT Innovation Challenge

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Artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and virtual/augmented reality are technologies that have the potential to tackle some of the big challenges facing students and staff at Oxford. The University's "IT Innovation Challenge - Student 2018" invites you to present ideas for projects that improve the experiences of specific groups or everyone. This year's theme are for exploring emerging technologies in the smart or intelligent campus, but ideas can also be about anything. The students who win the challenge will receive funding of up to £15,000. (A staff challenge will run later this year).

If you think you have a great idea, submit it on the Oxford Ideas website by Thursday 15 February https://oxfordideas.wazoku.com Support is available during the submission process. In fact after the deadline there is an open discussion where idea-mongers can work with students who have the skills (but not a specific idea). Register online if you want to get involved.

Image - Credit: By Robida, Albert, 1848-1926, artist. (Library of Congress)

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