The C21 Scholar: Digital Engagement in the Arts and Humanities

Project Description:

#thec21scholar: Digital Engagement in the Arts and Humanities is an AHRC funded training initiative that focuses on digital engagement (that is, public engagement using the digital) for postgraduate researchers in the arts and humanities.

The digital age poses exciting and innovative opportunities for academic research to achieve maximum impact. This project seeks to provide postgraduate scholars with some introductory knowledge, skills and awareness of the usefulness of digital media as a mechanism for public engagement and to enhance the broader dissemination of their work.

The project itself has three main initiatives. – the hub of our project – will develop resources, strategies and techniques for postgraduates to use digital tools to disseminate and promote their research in and beyond the academy. Transforming Postgraduate Research: Engaging with the Digital World is a one-day training and knowledge exchange event to be held at the University of Oxford in summer 2013. Finally, the project is running its own case-study event for postgraduates working in contemporary literature (defined as work in copyright published post 1916) in order to show even disciplines that do not seem to have an obvious outlet for digital engagement can be transformed into a powerful dissemination platform using existing digital infrastructures – the project’s very own iTunesU channel. This part of the project entitled #postC20literaryresearch: Digital Engagement in Theory and Practice will run in conjunction with MediaCity at the University of Salford in winter 2013.