David Hume Archive

Project Description:

A searchable archive of all David Hume's philosophical works, edited by Peter Millican (Oxford) and Henry Merivale (Leeds). The texts are checked against authoritative original editions (1777 for works in the Essays and Treatises on Several Subjects), and presented visually as closely as possible to the original, though within a framework that also displays modern reference forms (both page numbers of the standard printed editions, and paragraph numbers). Editorial corrections may be ignored, revealed, or assumed, as the user chooses. The texts are all encoded in UTF-8 and marked up in XML; the site also makes use of XSLT and PHP.
The text of the Dialogues concerning Natural Religion (1779) is linked to the page images of Hume's original manuscript, kindly provided by the Royal Society of Edinburgh and available only through this site.
The site also contains editorial and bibliographical materials, including discussion of Hume's works, variants (intended in due course to include multiple editions), a major Hume bibliography, and an archive of scholarly papers (which includes the main online resource for Professor Millican's own papers and discussions on Hume).
davidhume.org is already the premier web resource for Hume's works, and is intended to be permanent; hence the project has no completion date.