Digital Humanities @ Oxford Network

Project Description:

Oxford hosts more digital humanities projects than anywhere else in the UK. Digital Humanities (DH) is by its very nature necessarily highly collaborative, marrying the novel use of technology with fundamental humanities research, and engaging with library and museum collections. DH collaboration in Oxford has demonstrated its competitive advantage lies in its ability to aggregate academic excellence, technical expertise and a critical mass of world-class collections. Oxford has not formed a Digital Humanities centre, unlike many other institutions, reflecting its dispersed ecology. Instead it has developed a website, which brings together virtually over 200 projects and 260 researchers and technical experts, and collaborative mechanisms for sharing information, facilitating research proposals, and supporting researchers with training and advice. This two-year network grant will support network activities and a cross-university working group under the Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH) umbrella. The network has five key objectives over the next two years: to understand better the needs of individual researchers and students in order to provide better training, advice and support to them; developing the academic content of the Digital Humanities Summer School to complement the technical training it currently provides; to run workshops to project Oxford’s research leadership in DH; to develop new external collaborative links, and, as appropriate, new consortia and formal partnerships that will facilitate future funding bids; and to refresh the DH@O website by moving it to the TORCH web platform.

Subject Areas: