Digital REED

Project Description:

In 2012, a project team consisting of personnel from Records of Early English Drama (REED), the Department of Digital Humanities-King’s College London (DDH), the Centre for Digital Humanities at Ryerson University (CDH-RU), University of Toronto Libraries (UTL), and independent academic publisher Boydell & Brewer collaborated on “The Fortune Theatre Records: A Prototype Digital Edition for REED” project (hereafter FTR; in order to determine how historical materials of the kind traditionally published by REED in print could be published online. The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation provided twelve months’ funding for an essential prototyping stage where the collaborators’ initial ideas could be more formally explored in preparation for providing a solid theoretical, technical, and operational framework for the task of getting both future and past REED information online. The complex structure of REED’s volumes presents a challenge in the blending of established text markup techniques with techniques for producing highly structured data and DDH brought notable experience in dealing with structured text, structured data, and their innovative presentation through online web applications. The prototype project took a small but coherent subset of new London-area REED research materialsalready collected but not yet in the established editorial process and used them to develop and explore new protocols, workflows, data formats, and software thatwill support more ambitious work in the future.


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Building on this solid basis, Dr James Cummings (Academic IT Services, University of Oxford) is helping the Digital REED project to create a TEI P5 customization and schema, while simultaneously improving their digital production workflow.

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