Holinshed Project

Project Description:

The Holinshed Project has developed a parallel text edition of the two versions of the Chronicles published in 1577 and 1587 has been developed. This enables all interested in the Chronicles to make comparisons between the two texts, and provides an essential tool for the later full edition. Although the differences between the two versions are generally acknowledged (both in terms of content and the ordering of material), there has been no previous systematic study of the variations. The website allows the texts to be broken down into their component parts, paragraph by paragraph, and linked to the matching element in the other edition, allowing the user to read them side-by-side. The texts are searchable and browsable by Chapter and Regnal Year. Links to the fasmiles of the original pages from the EBBO text creation partnership are provided. We have recently secured a modest amount of additional funding from the Marc Fitch Fund to begin editorial work on the Descriptions of Britain.