A New Edition of Leonardo's Codex Leicester for Bill Gates

Project Description:

Following the CDRom that we undertook for Bill Gates in 1997 on his Leonardo da Vinci Codex Leicester, I am now working with Domenico Laurenza on a new edition (transcription, translation, commentary, paraphrase and analytical essays for the internet. The basic scholarly work (transcription, translation, commentary and paraphrase) is complete as of Sept 2014, and we are talking to OUP about an e-edition. It is intended to link this with online techniques for reading Leonardo's MSS, and various ways of making his ideas publicly accessible including an innovatory "codescope", animations, videos.... The Codex is the greatest of all Leonardo's scientific manuscripts, and is devoted mainly to the role of water in the "body of the earth",. He expounds radical ideas about the ancient history of the earth and the cataclysmic changes it has undergone.