AHRC Technical Appendix Workshop

Tuesday 8 May, 2-4 pm in Room 3 of the Taylor Institution, St Giles

The Technical Appendix has to be completed by all AHRC grant applications that propose to create an electronic research resource. Its purpose is to enable the AHRC to review the proposed project’s technical feasibility.

This workshop brings together colleagues who have been responsible for giving AHRC applicants advice on the Technical Appendix with Oxford members of the Technical Reviewers panel. The purpose of the workshop will be to develop a template of recommendations for completing the Appendix, which will then be made available on line.

The workshop is open to all Oxford staff, and should be of interest to any colleagues developing or advising on AHRC grant proposals involving the creation of electronic research resources.

The workshop panel will consist of the following:

  • David Robey (Chair: OeRC, former Director of the AHRC ICT in Arts and Humanities Research Programme)
  • James Cummings (OUCS)
  • Michael Heaney (Bodleian Libraries, AHRC Technical Reviewer)
  • Simon Horobin (English, AHRC Technical Reviewer)
  • Neil Leeder (Classics)
  • Michael Popham (Bodleian Libraries Digital Initiatives)
  • Martin Wynne (OeRC, OUCS and Director of the Oxford Text Archive)

The panel will discuss the different sections of the present Technical Appendix in turn, starting from the instructions in the relevant section of the AHRC Je-S Help Pages (see a copy at the Technical Appendix support page).