Project Description:

The Agora project will improve the spread of research results in the field of European philosophy, and advance new paradigms of Open Access publishing, peer review and rendering by interlinking current scholarly research outputs and the underlying datasets, such as digital reproductions of primary sources and text editions. Agora will extend an existing federation of semantically structured digital libraries named Philosource, created within the framework of the eContentplus project ‘Discovery’. Philosource contains an extensive and coherent collection of high-quality Open Access content from classical to contemporary European philosophy. Agora will transform the Philosource federation into a specialized and highly innovative Open Access archive and a publishing venue for new scholarship by giving access to existing and newly produced research output, such as scholarly articles, monographs, reviews, audiovisual lectures as well as the underlying datasets. This integrated pilot will serve as a model for establishing and accessing a growing open research archive for scholarly publication in the Humanities and the Social Sciences as a whole. The languages of scientific information and datasets include Ancient Greek, English, French, German, Italian, Latin, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish.