Project Description:

CLARIN is a large-scale pan-European collaborative effort to create, coordinate and make language resources and technology available and readily usable. CLARIN offers scholars the tools to allow computer-aided language processing, addressing one or more of the multiple roles language plays (i.e. carrier of cultural content and knowledge, instrument of communication, component of identity and object of study) in the humanities and social sciences. CLARIN is now operating as an official European research infrastructure. A preparatory phase project to scope out the tasks involved in building the infrastructuren was funded under the 7th Framework Program 2008-2012 . The Oxford Text Archive was one of the repositories and service providers in the initial consortium, and continues to work with other partners to develop strong national centres which can interoperate and provide shared services. Current work is in the areas of promoting user engagement, access and authorization infrastructure, persistent identifiers, registries of resources and services, federated content search, shared metadata services and standards for language resources and technologies.

A CLARIN-UK consortium was formed in 2015, and the UKhas joined the CLARIN European Research Infrastructure Consortium as an Observer. Find out more about this at the CLARIN-UK website