Preparing DARIAH

Project Description:

DARIAH’s mission is to facilitate long-term access to, and use of all European arts and humanities data for the purposes of research. DARIAH is the digital research infrastructure that will connect scholarly data archives and repositories with cultural heritage for the arts and humanities across Europe, making scattered resources accessible through one click. Preparing DARIAH is the project that carried out the preparatory phase prior to building this infrastructure. DARIAH aims to create one European data area in which scholars and students can easily survey the available information in their field – data which is dependable in terms of both quality and durability. Research which builds on this data will expand the knowledge and understanding of our heritage, histories, languages and cultures.The digital research infrastructure will integrate grid middleware with user facing tools to support e-research and e-learning activities. DARIAH will make an important contribution towards e-humanities, providing additional services to analyse, annotate and share arts and humanities research activities. DARIAH will stimulate and provide expertise on all aspects of e-humanities, from best practices for digitisation to metadata standards and advice on analysis methods and tools. Oxford played the role within this project of liaison with CLARIN, along with other activities to link DARIAH with relevant Humanities networks, infrastructure projects, and associations.