Project Bamboo

Project Description:

Bamboo was a multi-institutional, interdisciplinary, and inter-organizational effort to bring together researchers in arts and humanities, computer scientists, information scientists, librarians, and campus information technologists to tackle the question: "How can we advance arts and humanities research through the development of shared technology services?" Project Bamboo was an 18-month planning and community design program where through a series of conversations and workshops, the project attempted to map out the scholarly practices and common technology challenges across and among disciplines to discover where a coordinated, cross-disciplinary development effort could best foster academic innovation. Input into the Bamboo process was sought from individuals who come from a diverse range of institutions (small liberal arts colleges to research universities), organizations (consortia to content providers), professional backgrounds (faculty, librarians, researchers, IT leaders, and technical specialists), and regions. Project Bamboo failed to move to the implementation phase.