Getting Involved

At Oxford

Make sure your profile and your project listings on this site are up to date. You can also create a personal profile if you don't already have one.

Follow our Twitter account at @DH_Oxford to keep up to date with what's going on in Oxford.

Join the Digital Humanities mailing list for information on news, events and training at Oxford. Members of the University of Oxford can sign up by sending a blank message to from the email address which you would like to be subscribed to the list.


On Social Media

Start a research blog. IT Services has produced a course on developing your online presence, and the Research Skills Toolkit features an overview of blogging (Oxford login required). 

Join Twitter. Check out Kate Lindsay's (IT Services) presentation Twitter for Academia before you dive in (download it to get the notes). Follow @DH_Oxford, and check out the DH Now account for a summary of Digital Humanities news on Twitter.

Browse through the resources for researchers getting started in social media brought to you by the arts and humanities liaison team at Newcastle University Library.


On the Web

Join the Humanist mailing list, an "international online seminar on humanities computing and the digital humanities" moderated by Professor Willard McCarty (King's College London). This list is very active, so you may want to sign up to receive emails as a digest.

Check out what's going on in digital humanities each day on Digital Humanities Now, an aggregated and curated resource, with an associated journal.

Register at HASTAC, the Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Advanced Collaboratory, and follow it on Twitter: @HASTAC.

Conferences and Events

See our News and Events and  Training pages for Oxford events.

Go to a THATCamp, attend the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations' annual conference, or go to the bi-annual Digital Humanities Congress at the University of Sheffield's Humanities Research Institute, among other conferences and workshops.