Up to ten bursaries are available for current University of Oxford Humanities DPhil students or early career researchers. Early career is defined as up to five years post-thesis (or equivalent) and currently employed in the Humanities at University of Oxford.

The bursaries pay for the registration costs to attend the Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School, 8th to 12th July 2013 and are supported by the John Fell OUP Fund. Full details of the programme are available at: http://digital.humanities.ox.ac.uk/dhoxss/2013. Four of the ten bursaries are ring-fenced for those students attending the Cultural Connections: exchanging knowledge and widening participation in the Humanities workshop.

The Summer School will offer an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge and participate in discussions about a wide range of digital techniques and research methods, as well as exploring key topics in depth with leading senior researchers and technologists.

The procedure for applications for bursaries is as follows:

  1. Ask your DPhil Supervisor, or other senior faculty member, or line-manager to approve your bursary application (they do not need to submit a reference unless asked);
  2. Send an email to the Digital Humanities at Oxford organising committee via researchsupport@it.ox.ac.uk (details of what to include below);

The deadline for applications is 12pm (noon) on Wednesday, 1 May 2013. The email application must include the following information:

  • full name of applicant and your oxford email address
  • date of commencement and (anticipated) end of DPhil studies or dates of employment contract in the University of Oxford
  • name(s) of the Faculty (or Faculties) in which you are registered or employed
  • whether you are full-time or part-time student or employee
  • name and email address of the supervisor, line-manager or other senior faculty member who has approved your application
  • which of the week-long workshops you wish to attend

The application should also contain a short statement (max 500 words) making the case for the candidate's participation on the basis of:

  • need for additional skills and knowledge in a relevant area of digital research in the humanities;
  • concrete plans to put the learning into action in research and other activities in the University;
  • financial need (e.g. a statement that the candidate does not already hold funds for this purpose).

The committee will rank the applications on the basis of the strength of the cases made in the above areas, and will seek to ensure a spread of successful applicants across faculties and disciplines. The committee will make recommendations to the Humanities Division which will make the final decision on the allocation of bursaries.

The full cost of registration to the Summer School is covered by the bursary including lunches and receptions, but not including the summer school banquet, accommodation, or other subsistence expenses.

Do not register for the DHOxSS as a 'bursary holder' unless you have been notified that we have awarded you one.

Responsibilities of the Bursary Holders

Bursary recipients will be expected to attend the full programme of the Summer School and participate actively, and to deploy new knowledge and skills in their research where this is appropriate. Bursary holders that use twitter are encouraged to tweet during the Summer School using the #dhoxss hashtag. In addition to filling in the Summer School feedback survey each bursary holder must write a short report of no more than 500 words by 1 January 2014. Your report may be used in Humanities Division publicity and you may be asked to contribute to other forms of Humanities communication or to attend or contribute to its events publicising Digital Humanities. Please send your report to researchsupport@it.ox.ac.uk. The report should cover the following areas:

  • what you hoped to learn and how the Summer School contributed to achieving your learning goals;
  • highlight good experiences or useful knowledge gained from attending the Summer School;
  • what has been the outcome from attendance at the Summer School;
  • how you plan to put this learning into action in your research;

Bursary Award Winners 2013

  • Francisco Bosch-Puche
  • Grace Egan
  • Emma Goodwin
  • Karl Kinsella
  • Han-Teng Liao
  • Melena Meese
  • Kylie Murray
  • Kelsey Rubin-Detlev
  • Hannah Ryley
  • Elizabeth Sandis