Organisational Committee

The Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School 2013 is organised by major stakeholders in the University of Oxford with representation on an organisational committee under the overall direction of Dr James Cummings. The work for the DHOxSS 2013 was organised by the following committee of volunteers:

  • James Cummings (IT Services) (Chair)
  • Ylva Berglund Prytz (IT Services)
  • Lucy Cridland-Smith (IT Services)
  • Dave De Roure (OeRC)
  • Andrew Fairweather-Tall (Humanities)
  • Christine Madsen (Bodleian)
  • Kevin Page (OeRC)
  • John Pybus (OeRC)
  • Sebastian Rahtz (IT Services)
  • Pip Willcox (Bodleian)
  • Martin Wynne (IT Services)

Without these volunteers, as well as the workshop organisers and speakers, the DHOxSS would not be the success it is.