Using the TEI 2014

Using the Text Encoding Initiative for Digital Scholarly Editions

Organiser: James Cummings (IT Services, University of Oxford)
Morning Location: Wolfson College, Buttery
Afternoon Location: IT Services, Isis Room
Workshop Speakers: Marjorie Burghart (L'Ecole des Hautes Etude en Sciences Sociales, Lyon / DiXiT), Lou Burnard (Lou Burnard Consulting), James Cummings (IT Services, University of Oxford) and Magdalena Turska (IT Services / DiXiT, University of Oxford)

Workshop Abstract

The "Guidelines" of the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) are widely used in the production of digital scholarly editions of primary sources. This workshop combines lectures describing relevant parts of the latest version of the TEI P5 Guidelines with practical exercises reinforcing the topics covered. It includes an introduction to TEI-XML markup, explanations of relevant aspects of the TEI Guidelines, and discussion about approaches to publishing TEI. We don't cover every part of the TEI "Guidelines", but focus on how they help you transcribe, describe, edit, and publish primary source materials in digital form.

Workshop Timetable

Times Monday 14 July 2014 Tuesday 15 July 2014 Wednesday 16 July 2014 Thursday 17 July 2014 Friday 18 July 2014
Wolfson College, Buttery

"TEI-XML: Markup theory and praxis (Lecture 1 / Discussion)"Marjorie Burghart

"The TEI universe: an overview of the TEI Guidelines (Lecture 3)"James Cummings

"TEI for Text Bearing Objects : transcription and editing (Lecture 5)Lou Burnard

"Metadata matters : describing a TEI text, its contents, its meanings (Lecture 7)Magdalena Turska

"The TEI workflow : from design to dissemination (Lecture 9)Lou Burnard

16:30-17:30 IT Services, Isis Room

"Creating and editing a born-digital TEI XML document (Exercise 1)"


"Feather Light : a generally useful TEI subset (Lecture 2)"Marjorie Burghart


"Creating and validating a simple diplomatic edition (Exercise 2)"

"Philologica : a TEI subset for traditional editing (Lecture 4)"Marjorie Burghart


"Exploring the TEI with Roma (Exercise 3)"


"Creating and validating a traditional apparatus criticus (Exercise 4)"

"Modelling transcriptional needs (Exercise 5 / Discussion)"


"Encoding names and named entities (Lecture 6)"Magdalena Turska


"Detailed transcription of a historical source (Exercise 6)"

"Making an enhanced TEI Header (Exercise 7)"


"TEI Manuscript Description (Lecture 8) "James Cummings


"Creating a Manuscript Description (Exercise 8)"

"Experiments with TEI publishing solutions (Exercise 9)"


"The TEI community (Lecture 10)Lou Burnard


"Group discussion and project consultations"


No previous expertise in using the TEI or XML is required, but participants should have basic IT skills. Please bring along samples of source material you intend to work on.