DHOxSS 2014

Introduction to DHOxSS

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The Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School (DHOxSS) is the annual training event at the University of Oxford taking place this year on 14 -18 July 2014. It is for researchers, project managers, research assistants, students, and anyone interested in Digital Humanities. DHOxSS delegates are introduced to a range of topics including the creation, management, analysis, modelling, visualization, or publication of digital data for the humanities. Each delegate follows one of our five-day workshops and supplements this with guest lectures. There is also be a (peer-reviewed) poster session giving delegates a chance to present posters on their Digital Humanities work to those at the DHOxSS.

DHOxSS 2014 is primarily located at Wolfson College and IT Services, Banbury Road. See our Venues and Travel page for more information.

DHOxSS has gone mobile! There is a mobile app available for mobile, tablet, and web platforms. See https://guidebook.com/g/rbkxa9vs/ to download this app. Start by downloading the Guidebook.com App, tap "Download Guides" then "Redeem Code". Enter the code 'rbkxa9vs' and the guide will download to your device! (We recommend doing this on WiFi rather than mobile data.)

DHOxSS is a collaboration for Digital Humanities at Oxford between the University of Oxford's IT Services, the Oxford e-Research Centre (OeRC), the Bodleian Libraries, the Oxford Internet Institute (OII), and The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities. DHOxSS 2014 is directed by Dr James Cummings and has an organisational committee representing these stakeholders.

This year we are grateful to be able to include the collaboration with DH colleagues outside the University of Oxford. We should especially note the substantial contributions of the Center for Informatics Research in Science and Scholarship, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to the Data Curation and Access workshop. External collaborating institutions include:

While all information on this website is up to date, some details may change due to unforeseen circumstances. The website was last updated on: 2015-04-07.

DHOxSS Promotional Video

There is a short promotional video with James Cummings and Pip Willcox talking about the DHOxSS:


DHOxSS 2014 Organisational Committee

The organisation of DHOxSS is a collaborative undertaking and overseen by an organisational committee representing the major DH stakeholders at the University of Oxford. For DHOxSS 2014 the organisation committee consists of:

  • James Cummings, Director of DHOxSS, (IT Services)
  • Ylva Berglund Prytz (IT Services)
  • David De Roure (Oxford e-Research Centre)
  • Linda Edgar (IT Services)
  • Andrew Fairweather-Tall (Humanities Division)
  • Christine Madsen (Bodleian Libraries)
  • Eric Meyer (Oxford Internet Institute)
  • Kevin Page (Oxford e-Research Centre)
  • John Pybus (Oxford e-Research Centre)
  • Sebastian Rahtz (IT Services)
  • Pip Willcox (Bodleian Libraries)
  • Kathryn Wenczek (IT Services)
  • Martin Wynne (IT Services)

Without these volunteers, all the workshop organisers and speakers, and the Events team at IT Services, the DHOxSS could not be the success it is.