FAQs: Delegates 2016


  • What is a 'Delegate'? We use the term 'delegate' to refer to those attending DHOxSS who are not speakers. We don't use the word 'student' since DHOxSS delegates come from all parts of the career hierarchy. 
  • When will registration open?  Registration will open in March 2016
  • When will registration close?  Registration will close on Monday 6 June 2016 at Midnight GMT, though some workshops may sell out earlier.
  • How do I register? Registration is via the University online store. Follow the instructions on the registration page. You must set up an account with the University of Oxford's online store and pay by debit/credit card.
  • How much does registration cost? The rates for DHOxSS 2016 are as follows:

- The full commercial rate is 695 pounds.
- The rate for those who work for education institutions, libraries, charities, or not-for-profit organisations in any capacity was 595 pounds (a 14.4% discount).
- The rate for those who are students of any institution at any level is 485 pounds (a 30% discount).
- The rate for those who are staff or students at the collegiate University of Oxford is also 485 pounds (a 30% discount).

  • Are there discounts available? The fees are already discounted for Academic/Education/NFP (15% discount), Students (30% discount), and Students/Staff of the University of Oxford (30% discount). There are also discounts for group booking, please see the registration page for more information.
  • Are there bursaries available? The DHOxSS has a very limited number of bursaries. See the bursaries page for more information.
  • Will I get a certificate? Yes, you will be issued a certificate listing your workshop.
  • Will I be able to get a space on the workshop I want? All of the workshops will have set maximum numbers. If a particular workshop sells out we will set up a waiting list for that workshop. Book early to avoid disappointment.
  • Can the DHOxSS events team reserve me a place on the workshop (while I find out if I can get funding, etc.)? No. This would not be fair on other delegates.
  • Can you tell me if the workshop I want is filling up? We will post notices on the workshop pages noting whether they are full, filling up quickly, or have spaces left.


  • Can I book accommodation when I register?  Single ensuite rooms are available at  St Hugh's and St Anne's and can be booked at the time of registration.  Accommodation is available on a first come first served basis.
  • Do I have to book accommodation? Booking accommodation is optional and is not  part of the registration fee. If you need accommodation, you may book it with us (at the time of registration) or you can choose to book your accommodation separately yourself in other colleges and hotels.
  • How much does DHOxSS accommodation cost? Accommondation at St Hugh's is £96 per night and £75 per night at St Anne's.
  • Am I guaranteed accommodation? No. There is a limited amount of accommodation. We encourage you to book early to ensure your workshop choice and accommodation. 
  • Can I book something other than a single ensuite room? Only single ensuite rooms are available at St Anne's and St Hugh's.  If you have other needs you may wish to book your accommodation separately. (See below.)
  • Where else can I stay? For those who wish to book different accommodation, you are responsible for booking your own accommodation. The DHOxSS events staff are not able to help you with this. Other sources for accommodation information in Oxford include Oxford Rooms and DailyInfo.
  • Is there child care at DHOxSS? DHOxSS itself is unable to provide child care. We can only refer you to http://www.admin.ox.ac.uk/childcare/ as a source of information.

Social Events

  • What are the social events? The final events list for DHOxSS 2016 has not been formally announced. However, it is likely that similar events as were at DHOxSS 2015 will be held.  These included:
    • A DHOxSS Welcome Drinks Reception and Poster Session
    • A Walking Tour of Oxford
    • The Annual TORCH DH Lecture
    • The DHOxSS Dinner
    • An informal pub trip
  • Which social events are included in the registration fee? The Welcome drinks, walking tour (tbc)  and Torch lecture are free to attend.  For the DHoxSS Dinner there is an additional charge of  £57.50 per person. If you go to the informal pub trip on the Friday you will also be responsible for any food or drink consumed.
  • Can I come to an event I did not register for when booking? Some events may be sold out. Please contact events@it.ox.ac.uk to check.



If you do not have a suitable laptop please contact events@it.ox.ac.uk for advice before booking.

  • Can I change workshop partway through the week? This is strongly discouraged. Any delegate wishing to change workshop may do so only by applying for permission to the DHOxSS administration at events@it.ox.ac.uk. Workshop changes made after registration will incur an administration charge. All delegates have lanyards colour coded to their particular workshop.


  • Where can I find information on the lectures? Please see the lectures page
  • I signed up for Lecture X and now I want to go to lecture Y. Can I switch on the day? Usually we can accommodate this, however you must give other delegates priority in case the lecture is booked to capacity. Please check with events@it.ox.ac.uk to be sure, or just make sure everyone else can get a seat first.
  • Will the lectures be recorded? Yes! The morning keynotes and additional lectures will be recorded and made available on http://podcasts.ox.ac.uk and ItunesU for watching later. They will be released under a Creative Commons license. 
  • Are there recordings from previous years? Yes. Please see: http://podcasts.ox.ac.uk/series/digital-humanities-oxford-summer-school for the recordings for the last couple years. 

I have another question!?

  • Please email events@it.ox.ac.uk who will be happy to answer any other questions you have.