Workshops 2016

The workshops for the Digital Humanites at Oxford Summer School 2016 are:

▶ An Introduction to Digital Humanities
Expert insights into our digital landscape

▶ An Introduction to the Guidelines of the Text Encoding Initiative
Markup for Textual Research

▶ Analysing Humanities Data
An Introduction to Knowledge-Based Computing with the Wolfram Language

▶ Digital Musicology 
Applied computational and informatics methods for enhancing musicology

▶ From Text to Tech  
Corpus and Computational Linguistics for powerful text processing in the Humanities

▶ Humanities Data: A Hands-On Approach
Making the Most of Messy Data

▶ Linked Data for Digital Humanities  
Publishing, Querying, and Linking on the Semantic Web

▶ Social Humanities: Citizens at Scale in the Digital World
Social Media, Citizen Science, and Social Machines