AHRC Network - Digital Cultural Heritage China

Event type: Conference


September 30th - October 2nd 2015

The lead organisation in China is Peking University through its School of Arts. The museum sector is represented by the National Museum of China, the library sector by CADAL, the China Academic Digital Associative Library, funded by the State under the Ministry of Education “to build academic digital libraries with advance technology, with massive multi-disciplinary, multi-type, multi-lingual digital resources.” Linked Data samples from CADAL will be virtually integrated with CLAROS and ResearchSpace. Linked Data samples may also become available for Dunhuang, a UNESCO World Heritage site, which has experience of collaboration across a broad spectrum of heritage interests with, for example, the British Library (International Dunhuang Project) and the Getty Trust (Digital Dunhuang).

For more details of the event and the Digital Cultural Heritage programme please go to http://www.culturalheritage.ox.ac.uk.


Event Link: http://www.culturalheritage.ox.ac.uk