Digital Methods: Visual Analytics Series - Every Thursday between 23 June and 8 December 2016

margaret varga

**Thursdays, between 23 June and 8 December 2016**

The Centre for Digital Scholarship invites you to attend a major series on Visual Analytics, led by Margaret Varga, chair of the NATO Exploratory Visual Analytics Research Task Group and visiting fellow at the University of Oxford’s Department of Oncology. Each talk will stand alone, and attending more of them will build to give an overview of this increasingly vital and profoundly interdisciplinary work from a world expert in the field.


What: Visual Analytics Series

Who: Margaret Varga

When: 13:00—14:00, Thursdays, between 23 June and 8 December 2016

Where: Centre for Digital Scholarship, Weston Library (map)

Access: all are welcome

Admission: free

Booking: registration is not required


Series: Visual analytics is the science of analytical reasoning facilitated by interactive visual interface.  This Visual Analytics lecture series aims to provide some basic understanding of visual analytics and it applications to a number of different real-world applications in: aviation safety, cyber security, maritime situation awareness, financial risk management, healthcare and social media analysis.  


23 June: Application of visual analytics to aviation safety

Bird strikes pose serious problems for both civil and military aircraft.  This seminar will discuss a Visual Analytics approach to working with and understanding the raw incident reporting data.


30 June: Application of visual analytics to healthcare associated infection

Healthcare associated infections (HAI) are of important concern in patient care.  This seminar will describe Visual Analytics techniques which have been developed to help detect, monitor, analyse and understand trends, clusters and outbreaks of HAI.


13 October: Application of visual analytics to maritime domain awareness

This seminar will discuss the application of visual analytics to the detection and analysis of security threats in the maritime domain.


3 November: Application of visual analytics to cyber security

This seminar will describe, compare and contrast user-centric and system-based approaches in the cyber security application domain.


17 November: Application of visual analytics to financial stability monitoring

This seminar will consider the application of Visual Analytics to address challenges in financial stability monitoring.


24 November: Application of visual analytics to social media analysis

This seminar discusses the application of Visual Analytics in the exploration of trends, patterns and anomalies in social media data.


8 December: What is Visual Analytics?

This seminar introduces how Visual Analytics integrates technologies to support all facets of the human analysis and reasoning processes.


Margaret Varga received her PhD in statistical pattern recognition from the University of Cambridge. She is a director at Seetru Ltd. and is the chairman of the NATO Exploratory Visual Analytics Research Task Group, as well as a visiting fellow at the University of Oxford. Her research interests are in visual analytics, visualisation, uncertainty analysis, network analysis, evidential reasoning, provenance analysis and visualisation, Bayesian reasoning, pattern processing, financial systemic risk and stability monitoring, image processing. Dr. Varga led the team that developed the world’s first automated breast cancer histopathology diagnosis systems, and she holds seven patents for this system. She has over a hundred publications.


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