Social Media for Impact

s200 kate lindsay

Event type: Workshop


Social media is an increasingly important part of academic practice. In this session we will look at how the medium is being used to promote academic work and raise academic profile, network with colleagues, and to engage with the public online. We will look at developing a social media strategy and how to capture value. After coffee we will move on to look at the use of social media in academic events, how to prepare, how to engage your attendees and maximize your twitt-effectiveness.

Kate Lindsay works at IT Services. She is an expert on the use of social media for academia and this year was named one of the top-50 most influential HE professionals on social media. She has developed the social media profile and strategy for a number of humanities projects and public sector organisations, and is the co-lead for 'Engage' - an award-winning University-wide programme of talks, training and events that explores the use of digital technologies for impact and outreach. You can find her on Twitter as @KTDigital.


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