Visualising data

Event type: Seminar


How can we take big data sets and make them easy to interpret, useful, and above all visual?

In this workshop you will get a taste of what it's like to take raw data through every stage towards amazing visualisations, and to hear about the art and science of visualising data from Dr Margaret Varga, Chairman of the NATO Visual Analytics Research Group.

The seminar will illustrate visual analytics techniques through some example applications from the group’s work in: · Cyber defence · Aviation safety – bird strikes · Maritime domain awareness · Infectious disease analysis and contact tracing · Finance · etc.

More detailed analysis of the application of visual analytics in two example applications (namely, bird strikes analysis and Healthcare Associated Infection such as C Difficile analysis and contact tracing) will be discussed. These examples show the applicability, diversity, versatility and flexibility of visual analytics in addressing radically different problems.


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