A Linked Open World: Alexander the Great, Transnational Heritage and the Semantic Web

Event type: Conference



Monday 3rd April

10.00 Registration
10.15 Introduction (Frédérique Duyrat & Andrew Meadows)

Part 1: New tools (Chair: Andrew Meadows)

10.30 Equality and Concept: Broadening the Scope of Linked Open Data (Sebastian Heath)
11.00 ANS Digital Projects: A Comprehensive Platform for the Study of Numismatics (Ethan Gruber)
11.30 Statistical exploration of PELLA data (Julien Olivier)
12.00 Lunch break

Part 2: Imperial economic space - using PELLA to write a new history (Chair: Robin Lane Fox)
1.30 What is an Alexander? (Andrew Meadows)
2.00 The Destruction and Recreation of Monetary Zones in the Wake of Alexander’s Conquests (Peter van Alfen)
2.30 Exploring localities: a die study of Alexanders from Damascus (Simon Glenn)

3.00 Tea break

3.30 The impact of Alexander’s conquest on minted silver: new data from metallurgical analysis of coins kept at the BnF (Maryse Blet-Lemarquand, Julien Olivier, Caroline Carrier)
4.00 The first generation of Alexander’s influence: diversity of empire (Karsten Dahmen)
4.30 Alexander gold coinage throughout the Empire and beyond (Frédérique Duyrat)
5.00 General discussion

6.00 Reception at the Ashmolean Museum


Tuesday 4th April

Part 3: Cultural interaction and legacy (Chair: Frédérique Duyrat)
9.30 The coinage of Alexander the Great as perceived during the 16th -18th centuries (François de Callataÿ)
10.00 The legacy of Alexander: money in Central Asia (Simon Glenn)
10.30 Looting and its impact: the case of Alexanders from the Near East and the role of an online corpus project (Caroline Carrier & Simon Glenn)
11.00 The debate about the spread of Alexander's coinage and its economic impact: engaging with the historiographical longue durée (Pierre Briant)
11.30 The Virtual Museum of Alexander the Great (Angeliki Kottaridi)
12.00 Conclusion: Alexander: the Wider Vision (Robin Lane Fox)


Event Link: http://www.classics.ox.ac.uk/event-reader/events/opal-conference.html